Real estate: an expert in 50 hours

Two days of work experience

Now I could open an office of experts. Because the term “expert” is not protected in Germany. He should only have specialist knowledge that goes beyond the knowledge of a layperson. I met this requirement with the certificate. For the time being, however, I will only write about the valuation of real estate.

Some of the former seminar participants in the WhatsApp group are more advanced than me. Thomas, whose real name is different, writes a week after the end of the course: “Had the first conversation with a customer today for the valuation. She says, ‘You look so young for an appraisal. How long have you been doing this? ‘ I answer: So including about two days today. “

More on the subject: Appraisers are the secret rulers of the real estate market, but not always independent. What buyers and sellers should pay attention to.

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