Real estate prices: “Rouen is not an expensive city”

Rouen, an affordable metropolis? This is the opinion of real estate professionals. “Rouen is not an expensive city,” says Johan Arduin, of the Legay-Sauvage firm, member of the network. With an average price per m2 in the city center, which fluctuates between 2,300 and 2,600 euros in the former, the Normandy metropolis in Seine-Maritime attracts investors who are looking for small and medium-sized areas.

“The supply for this type of goods is not sufficient, which means that for 20 or 25 m2 we can exceed 3000 euros per m2,” says Johan Arduin, who recorded in 2019 an 11% increase in transactions . “Low interest rates are supporting demand, particularly among first-time buyers or young rental professionals who want to invest. “

5000 euros per square meter in the city center

“We would rather encourage the construction or renovation of larger housing, T4 and more, to allow families to stay in the city center,” said Christine Rambaud (PS), the Rouen elected representative in charge of l ‘urban planning, which recalls that the Local Urban Planning Plan obliges developers to include 25% of large surfaces in their programs.

In the new one, “there are dozens of programs in the agglomeration”, observed Me Edouard Meunier-Guttin, notary in Bihorel (Seine-Maritime). Which, according to him, has consequences on the price of new: “Between 2018 and 2019, there is a drop of about 5% with prices around 3500 euros per square meter. But beware, “in the heart of the city, you can quickly get to 5,000 euros per square meter,” points out Johan Arduin.

Houses remain in high demand

However, overall, the Rouen market remains reasonable. “In the former, we are rather at + 4% for apartments and + 8.6% on houses which remain highly demanded goods”, continues Meunier-Guttin, while recalling that the local market remains divided between the right bank and the left bank of the Seine. “In the old one, for example, the left bank is more like 1600 euros per square meter. “

Sectors such as the eastern plateaus of the agglomeration (Bonsecours, Mesnil-Esnard, Franqueville Saint-Pierre …) are doing well with prices which jumped by almost 14% in 2019. “There is no “It is not uncommon to see houses with gardens leaving at the same price as those in the historic districts of Rouen, halfway up the northern plateaus,” adds Johan Arduin. Sectors where large houses mostly leave above 500,000 euros. “But if your client is Parisian, for him, it’s given …”

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