Real Madrid hopes that the League and the Champions League will be suspended today

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Real Madrid maintains its training normally. In principle, he plays this Friday against Éibar, but he does not think that tomorrow’s game will be played. The white club expects that both the League and the Champions will be suspended in the next few hours.

The Madrid entity predicts that the Federation, League and AFE will decide today to stop Spanish competitions for at least fifteen days.

And the team that made the European Cup legendary calculates that the Champions League will end up being postponed. Real Madrid must play Tuesday against Manchester City and believes that this match will not take place, because there have already been suspended matches and the measure will be extended.

The case of Juventus, with a case of coronavirus and general quarantine, is the spigot that accelerates this thought. Zidane’s team continues its preparation waiting to play both against Eibar and Manchester, but believes that there will be no matches. Guardiola himself has already stated that playing without an audience was meaningless and advocated paralysis.

Éibar is awaiting the decision of Spanish football to find out whether or not it travels to the capital of Spain. And Real Madrid is also waiting to see if it flies to England on Monday or not. .


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