Real Madrid is not planning to do any ERTE right now

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Real Madrid does not currently have in mind to apply an ERTE, a temporary employment regulation file, in its first squad.

The white club thinks that if the rest of the season is played from the equator in May, which is the forecast of UEFA, there will be a delay in the course of the campaign that is very annoying and complicated, but in the end it will be played . No other consequence is currently being considered.

Real Madrid only hopes that from May they can play the remaining eleven days of the League and their European duel with Manchester City

For the Madrid entity, the only important thing at the moment is that the remaining eleven days of the League are disputed, a title that can still be conquered, and the second leg of the Champions League against City in Manchester, whenever.

The White House has neither temporary employment records nor delays in the payment of wages to the players, who have carried out a home training plan for nine days.

The Professional League itself has advised many clubs not to perform ERTE at this time and wait for what happens until the end of the season. .


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