Real Madrid’s hard training video ahead of Man City opponents


Real Madrid seriously prepare yourself ahead of facing Manchester City in the second leg of the big 16 The Champions League. Los Blancos trained hard, following the video.

Madrid will travel to Etihad Stadium on Saturday (08/08/2020) early morning hrs, to carry out the second party Champions League last 16 round. Madrid carries a difficult mission in England.

The Spanish league giant is determined to avenge a 1-2 defeat, which was swallowed up from the first leg at the Santiago Bernabeu. Madrid really must win if you want to qualify for the Champions League quarterfinals.

In addition, Madrid must also play without Sergio Ramos. The captain and the flagship doorstop must be absent, because he was hit by a red card in the first leg last February.

No doubt, Madrid must rack their brains against City. Moreover, the opposing team is trained Pep Guardiola, which is known to be good at gathering tactics in the field.

Serious training was carried out by Madrid. Troops Zinedine Zidane was seen forging hard at his base before leaving for Manchester.

In the training video, it is seen that Gareth Bale et al train to build attacks and complete opportunities. A quick goal is indeed expected by Madrid in order to ease his duties in Manchester.

City itself only needs a draw to ensure quarterfinal tickets. The players also have the confidence to overcome Madrid again, thanks to the victory in Spain a few months ago.

Watch Video “Real Madrid offset by Leganes 2-2
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