“Real Madrid’s Rodrygo Goes Shines in Clash Against Sevilla: Carlo Ancelotti’s Post-Match Analysis”

2023-05-27 19:37:19

In a clash held at nervion, Real Madrid has imposed its law at the expense of Sevilla with a double from a Rodrygo Goes that continues to be sweet. Surely, a striker who continues to vindicate himself every time he puts on the elastic of the Copa del Rey champion. After the conclusion of the match in the south of Spain, Carlo Ancelotti, technical merengue, has appeared before the media to assess what happened. Some statements collected by Bernabeu Digital.

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Rodrygo Goes: “He has stood out because he has scored both goals. The first 10 minutes we weren’t in a good position, but the team has played very seriously again. He has stood out as a center forward, he can play there and we have to take into account that he has different characteristics. If you dribble inside the area, it’s easier to score a goal than to do it outside. In aerial duels, he doesn’t have the structure, but he has important quality”.

League | Real Madrid rides Rodrygo in Seville

Analysis: “It’s hard to find motivation, but we found it. Fortunately we can rest and we have more time to prepare for the games. The atmosphere has been good, although Ceballos has been whistled. Congratulations to the fans, who have been good. It’s normal for them to whistle to our players, but hopefully this atmosphere will be repeated and congratulations to the Sevilla fans”.

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More about Rodrigo: “I wanted to mark a hat-trick and I told him that we had different goals. He wanted to score and I wanted them not to score. We’ve handled it well.”

Alvaro Rodriguez: “He’s a young player, with quality. He’s had a downturn with Castilla, but we needed him today and for the future. We take him into account. He’s very young and with a lot of room to improve.”

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Vinícius: “This week something has happened. The atmosphere is changing. Today has been a good sign and people are beginning to understand what can and cannot be done in a stadium. We have to continue like this. Vinícius has had days off and we’ll see if he can play the last game”.

Free Agents: “I don’t know anything about Asensio, nor about Nacho. There’s a week left, I think everything will be cleared up before the last game. It’s sad that these players are leaving because they are very important to us. We will see the decision they have to make to prepare for the next season”.

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Daniel Ceballos: “They gave him a kick today that could have meant much more. There is responsibility in everyone, but the Fair Play It’s very important”.

Jose Luis Mendilibar: “I wished him the best for the final (Europa League). I am conflicted because I was captain of Roma in the 1970s. On Monday, we celebrate 40 years after the League. I am a Roma fan and I am a great friend of José Mourinho. My heart is more for Roma than for Sevilla, but may the best man win.”

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