Reappearance of image of the Virgin unleashes fervor of Catholics

Many described the event as a “miracle” because “Alex” took her and “Hanna” “brought” her back. Photo: Aracely Garza


The reappearance of the image of the Guadalupe’s Virgin, in the bed of the Santa Catarina River, the fervor of his devotees overflowed.

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The structure that was placed on May 10, 1990 for the second visit of Pope John Paul II, she had been buried between earth and stones since the fury of the Hurricane “Alex” tore it off its base in 2010.

Thursday afternoon it was revealed that the image of the Morenita was almost at ground level and many described the event as a “miracle” Because “Alex” took her and “Hanna” “brought” her back.

Members of a family went down to the bed of the Santa Catarina River to bring him candles, and a matachín even performed a dance in his honor.

The mayor of Monterrey, Adrián de la Garza Santos also visited the place where the steel figure stands, which is 12 meters high and weighs about 10 tons.

A gang from the Monterrey Public Services Secretariat works on the site to remove the stones that cover much of the image that witnessed the mass that the Pilgrim Pope celebrated 30 years ago for the people of Nuevo León from the bed of that river.

The image was designed by Father Aureliano Tapia and when “Alex” took it, a replica was installed on the site, which is the one found on that site to this day.

It was reported that municipalities of Monterrey and San Nicolás They will work in a coordinated way to rescue and restore the work. In social networks, users have stated that the reappearance of the Virgin It bodes well for Nuevo León.


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