Reappeared in Sonora “El Jefe”, a jaguar who lived for years in the US

“El Jefe”, a famous jaguar in the US, was seen after seven years in Sonora Video: Conservation CATalyst)

And jaguar silvestrefamous in the United States (USA), was seen in Sonora, Mexico. This after more than seven years in which environmentalists did not hear from him.

The animal, known in the neighboring country as The bosslived between 2011 and 2015 in the US entity of Arizona. The specimen was closely watched for years, because at that time it was the only one of its kind living in freedom in that country.

After the experts lost their trail, the local media announced that the feline was seen this 2022 in Mexican territory. Russ McSpaden, a videographer dedicated to capturing images in natural areas, shared the news and detailed that The boss was captured by hidden cameras in Sonora.

“El Jefe” was born in Mexico but spent several years in Arizona, USA (Capture: Twitter/@PeccaryNotPig)

“The famous wild jaguar called The boss that lived in the Santa Rita mountains of Arizona between 2011 and 2015 has reappeared thanks to the remote camera detection 7 years later in the center of Sonora, Mexico. He has traveled hundreds of miles and has crossed the border twice,” McSpaden said via Twitter.

The cameraman accompanied the publication with a video produced by the association Conservation Catalyst, in which he collected images of the jaguar. This organization pointed out that The boss was born in Mexico but has spent much of his adult life in the US.

Likewise, the association explained that the movement of jaguars between Sonora and Arizona is common. Nevertheless, The boss He remained hidden for several years, before cameras managed to capture his presence in Sonoran territory.

The jaguar is a Threatened species and in Mexico they only live about 4 thousand 800 copies. This was pointed out by the Institute of Ecology of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

Institute experts conducted a census, Cenjaguarthrough the use of camera traps between 2008 and 2018. Thus, they estimated that during the decade covered by the study, the jaguar population grew by 20% going from 4 thousand in 2008 to 4 thousand 800 in 2018.

Despite advances, the presence of this animal remains low if one takes into account that in the 20th century there were more than 20 thousand copies in the Mexican Republic.

Recently a jaguar bit a child in a zoo in Guanajuato, after he put his foot into his shelter (Photo: Special)
Recently a jaguar bit a child in a zoo in Guanajuato, after he put his foot into his shelter (Photo: Special)

Given the decrease in the number of jaguars in national territory, the zoos and conservation centers have become key pieces to avoid extinction. The Leon Zoo, zooleonin Guanajuato, is one of the enclosures that houses specimens of this type of feline.

It was in this place that, at the end of July, a child was bitten by a jaguar. The incident occurred when the 14-year-old minor crossed the security line.

According to official information, the boy got too close to the animal’s shelter, in an attempt to take a picture with him. It was then that he accidentally put his foot under the fence and one of the jaguars bit him, causing minor injuries that were immediately treated by qualified personnel.

Felines were rescued from a CDMX foundation (Photo: Twitter/ AZCARM)
Felines were rescued from a CDMX foundation (Photo: Twitter/ AZCARM)

It should be remembered that recently a group of big cats in Mexico City. The animals were in bad conditions inside the foundation’s facilities Black Jaguar-White Tiger.

after the rescue, tigers and lions have been relocated in different places like Zacango Ecological Park, Africam Safari and Chapultepec Zoo.


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