Reason to stay inside despite the beautiful spring days, because the ticks are advancing due to the warm weather – Drenthe

There is an additional reason to listen to the call to stay indoors as much as possible. Signs will be very active in large parts of the country in the coming days. This is due to the warm spring weather.

This is reported by the University of Wageningen. Ticks are more active at high temperatures. In the coming days, the temperature can rise to 20 degrees, about five degrees warmer than normal for this time of year. The website keeps track of how active ticks will be. The expectation will rise to the maximum value “very high” in large parts of the Netherlands in the coming days.

A tick is a parasite that – often unnoticed – penetrates the skin of animals and people and sucks full of blood. They live in tall grass and between leaves. Ticks can transmit Lyme disease.

Normal season start

So far, the number of tick bite reports has been comparable to a normal season start. “It is therefore not the case that suddenly no tick bites are reported anymore due to the corona measures,” says NatureToday.

Last year, a large national study was started into the dangerous tick virus TBE, which can cause meningitis in humans. Over 10,000 ticks were collected from more than twenty locations in the Netherlands and tested for the virus.


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