Reason why you should not install WhatsApp Gold Don’t be fooled!

Know everything about this new application WhatsApp Gold and the reasons why you should not download it so take note because this will surely interest you a lot, we will also talk about its functions and characteristics.

In recent days a upgrade of the WhatsApp application, however many now wonder if this version really works or not.

WhatsApp for a couple of years is considered as the application of Messenger service most popular in most of the world and recently an update was released, WhatsApp Gold, which is the supposed update and improved version of this application.

This version is supposed to improve and also give more security to your conversations and give you exclusive advantages that the original application does not have, however, it is just a hoax.

This supposed update is about a “Trojan horse” which, more technically speaking, is known as a malware that when running it gives you remote access to the creator of this Trojan and thus can access your information that you save on your device.

Between the functions What promises are the sending of up to 100 simultaneous messages, videoconferences, being able to add topics to modify the application, not being able to be banned, customizable icons, more emojis and all kinds of functions that the official application does not have and that users have been asking for more have not been fulfilled so far.

An important point is that if you install WhatsApp Gold It can happen that WhatsApp closes your account for using third-party applications and you also run the risk of your phone being rendered useless by one of these viruses that are installed together with the application.

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It is worth mentioning that there may be different types of applications that use this same name, each with the type of malware that its creators want.

There is no doubt that in recent years the WhatsApp application has become very important for the communication of millions of people around the world, that is why every year it has some adjustments so that users can enjoy all its comforts , something that will only happen in the official application.

It is important to note that the application that they now promote, WhatsApp Gold, It is not even within the application store, so to be able to install it you must enter a web page and have at least an Android 2.3 operating system, in addition to being installed through an APK file by activating the “Unknown Origins” option within the settings of your cell phone, so from there we can see that it is something that will not bring any good.

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Despite everything, this new application has been installed by more than 50 million people around the world because with its list of features It draws the attention of more than one person and this makes them download it, without previously knowing what they might fall into.

WhatsApp Gold Features:

  • Video calls
  • Up to 100 images at a time
  • Delete messages after sending
  • Topics:
  • Blocked:
  • Customizable HD icons
  • More emojis

On the other hand, WhatsApp Messenger, according to data from the beginning of 2020, is considered the leader in instant messaging in most of the world, in which it exceeds 2000 million users, surpassing other applications such as Facebook Messenger or Telegram, among others.

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It is worth mentioning that the application It was launched in 2009 first for iOS, and a year later for Android, however, it became massively popular from approximately 2012 to the present, and in fact, thanks to the quarantine, they have acquired many more users.

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