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2023-05-22 04:45:00

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Monday, 22 May 2023 11:45 WIB

Exciting Video Called Similar to Rebecca Klopper (Photo: Instagram/@rklopperr)

Jakarta, Insertlive

Social media is being stirred up by an exciting video that drags the name Rebbeca Klopper.

Fadly Faisal’s lover is said to be similar to the woman in the exciting 47-second video.

Netizens highlight piercing in the woman’s navel is similar to Rebecca Klopper’s.

Not only that, Rebecca Klopper also has a mole on her stomach, just like the woman in the exciting video circulating.

Rebecca Klopper suddenly became a conversation on social media. Many netizens are also looking for the exciting video link.

In fact, the name ‘Becca’ goes deep trending topic on Twitter after the exciting video went viral.

Does anyone have a Rebecca Klopper video or not?,” wrote @swa*** on Twitter.

Can you link Rebecca Klopper?,” wrote @0re ***.

I’m really surprised that I’m here because of TikTok, is this really Rebecca Klopper?“wrote @ded***.

Until now, Rebecca Klopper has not provided clarification regarding the news that happened to her.


Also watch the following video:

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