Rebellion announces new invasion mode for Sniper Elite 5

Rebellion has a new CGI trailer for today Sniper Elite 5 released. In it, fans will get a taste of the new Invasion mode, which will allow players to invade someone else’s campaign as an Axis sniper for hefty rewards. The trailer was directed by Rebellion’s production company, Rebellion VFX, and utilizes both in-game and exclusive VFX assets combined with a bespoke audio mix.

Invasion mode brings an unprecedented level of intensity and drama to the game, expanding the variety of tactics players must use to successfully complete missions. The Axis sniper will do everything in his power to eliminate his target, while his adversary is given another directive: eliminate the invader. Invasion mode is also available in co-op mode, making the Axis sniper challenge even harder as there are now two allies to track down. In return, however, there are also more lucrative rewards.

Chris Kingsley, CTO at Rebellion, comments: “Invasion mode is a fantastic addition to the gameplay of Sniper Elite 5. A human intruder acts differently and his next moves are harder to imagine. This increases the challenge, which in turn creates an intense, tense atmosphere. Players are notified that an Axis sniper has invaded their session, and a nerve-wracking, high-stakes game of cat-and-mouse begins.”

Chris adds: “For those players who only want a solo gaming experience, there will of course be an option to turn off Invasion Mode. But we recommend everyone to try it once. We had a blast in the studio infiltrating each other’s campaigns and finding innovative ways to stealthily take down our opponent.”

In invasion mode, both players have some unique abilities at their disposal. The Axis invader can call in allied AI forces to locate the allied player. Tagging an Axis military activates the “Eagle Eyes”. This will mark the enemy’s last known location on the map once they spot them. The Axis Sniper can also instruct nearby soldiers to “stay alert” to increase their vigilance. For the allied sniper, each level has invasion phones scattered around the map that allow the player to pinpoint their opponent’s last known location. But be careful: not only can these phones be booby-trapped, but if used excessively, they can also arouse suspicion and reveal the player’s location.

Successful Axis snipers are rewarded with weapons, items, and unlocked skins, while Allied snipers can earn weapon and character skins by killing their opponent. Additionally, players will earn additional experience points if they have Invasion Mode enabled.

Sniper Elite 5 will be released simultaneously on Xbox Game Pass, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4 & 5, Epic, Steam and the Windows Store. Players once again assume the role of elite gunman Karl Fairburne, who travels to France in 1944 to thwart Nazi plans and crush the secret Operation Krake. Uncut fans have reason to be happy, because in Germany the shooter will be released uncut with the USK classification “18+”.

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