Rebound at the MR: MP Kattrin Jadin should become a judge at the Constitutional Court

As we know, the MR must propose for June 18 a candidate for the office of judge at the Constitutional Court. The president of the MR, Georges-Louis Bouchez, had offered this prestigious mandate to Jean-Luc Crucke. The former Walloon Budget Minister had left his government functions (following a revolt against his balance sheet coming from some of the MR regional deputies) and had said “yes” to him.

But Jean-Luc Crucke has changed his mind. He expressed last week his wish to return to the political arena. He even wants to create a progressive and “green” political current within the MR.

Faced with this decision which took him by surprise, Georges-Louis Bouchez then turned to Philippe Goffin, the deputy mayor of Crisnée and former federal minister. His CV had everything to suit but the latter refused the offer of his party president, as Free was able to reveal it on Tuesday.

New twist: according to our information, it is very likely that the MR will announce in the coming hours that it will finally be MP Kattrin Jadin who will go to the constitutional court. She was interested in this job. This information has not been confirmed to the MR but many informants mention this track as being very probable. “But you never know with Georges-Louis Bouchez…“, notes a liberal source.

Kattrin Jadin is not, however, a lawyer (she did, however, apply for law). It is likely that, if confirmed, this choice of the MR will be criticized by the other political parties. We remember that one of the arguments raised against Zakia Khattabi’s arrival at the Constitutional Court on the Ecolo quota was that she did not have a law degree.

The choice of Kattrin Jadin, if confirmed, would allow the delegate general of the MR, Mathieu Bihet, to (re) become a deputy in the House of Representatives (where he would therefore replace Kattrin Jadin).

We should know more today. A press conference is announced at the headquarters of the MR at 2:30 p.m.

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