Recalls and Product Alerts: Company Recalls Tahin

TOPEQ recalls various reusable ice cubes +++ “Findikli Pestil” may contain traces of peanuts +++ Current recalls and product warnings.

January 14: Company recalls sesame products

Planet Plant-Based GmbH is recalling various organic tahini products. The reason is possible contamination with ethylene oxide. The following batches are affected:

Bio Tahin, Weiss

Batch numbers L2020.05.28 and L2020.04.13

Organic tahini (unpeeled)

Chargennummern  L2020.06.15 , L2020.06.23, L2020.07.29 , L2020.08.31

Customers who have already bought the affected glasses should return them to retailers. This is also possible without presenting a receipt.

Those: “Planet Plant-Based GmbH”

January 13th: TOPEQ recalls various reusable ice cubes

The TOPEQ Warenhandelsgesellschaft informs about the recall of various reusable ice cube sets. It cannot be ruled out that the ice cubes contained may be confused with food, which could result in suffocation if swallowed. Specifically, products with the following information are affected:

  • Barcode no. 4060411002839 (black / white) 20 pieces
  • Barcode no. 4060411002822 (colored) 20 pieces
  • Barcode number: 4060411002679 10 pieces
  • Barcode no. 4060411002648 10 pieces

Customers who have purchased affected ice cube sets should return the item to the respective sales point.

Those: “”

January 13: “Findikli Pestil” may contain traces of peanuts

The Ciloglu Handels GmbH informs about the recall of the confectionery article “Findikli Pestil” with various best before dates. As the company reports, undeclared traces of peanuts may be contained in the affected batches. Specifically, it concerns the product with the following information:

  • Item: Pestil Confectionery
  • Best before date: 02/12/2021, 04/20/2021, 07/01/2021 08/14/2021, 10/07/2021, 11/07/2021
  • Item number: 0147101
  • Item name: FINDIKLI PESTIL 12X300GR
  • Barcode: 8697436552764

Customers can return affected items in your shop – with or without a receipt – for a refund of the purchase price.

Those: “”

January 12th: Daimler calls back the new S-Class because of possible safety risks

The car manufacturer Daimler has to recall the first copies of the new Mercedes S-Class because of a possible safety risk. About 1,400 vehicles that are already in the hands of customers are affected worldwide, a spokesman said on Tuesday. The “Business Insider” had previously reported on it. There is a possibility that unsuitable inner tie rods have been installed on the steering, the screwing of which could not withstand the loads in the long term. The vehicles should now be checked and the tie rods replaced if necessary. Daimler had only presented its new flagship last September.

Those: DPA

January 12: VW calls back a small number of electric-ups as a precaution

Volkswagen is recalling a small number of the small electric car Up due to the risk of fire on the battery cells. So far, no incidents are known, but the action was taken as a precaution, it said on Friday from Wolfsburg. According to the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA), it concerns 122 cars that were built last year – including 81 affected E-Ups in Germany.

The KBA is monitoring the recall. According to the authority, short circuits or fires could occur “due to previous damage to the battery cells”. Volkswagen announced that it would replace the batteries in the vehicles it inspected – manufactured in May and June 2020.

“In connection with the battery production for the E-Up, we cannot rule out in individual cases that individual battery cells may have been damaged during a manual follow-up inspection of the cell modules,” the manufacturer continued. “As a result, an insulation fault can occur when operating the vehicle, which in rare cases can lead to a short circuit in the battery system.” In the past few years, there had been dangerous battery fires on some smartphones or mobile chargers.

Those: DPA

January 8: Baby food recalled at Edeka

The Edeka headquarters informs about the recall of the baby food article “EDEKA organic blueberry in pear after the 4th month” in a 190 gram jar with the best before date (BBD) 07/28/2022. As the company reports, it cannot be ruled out that individual glasses may contain pieces of glass. The product was sold at Edeka and Marktkauf.

Customers who have bought the product in question can return it to their shops for a refund of the purchase price, even without presenting the receipt.

Those: “”

January 7th: Hand and surface disinfectants recalled

The manufacturer Solenal GmbH recalls the product hand and surface disinfection of batch 18032020. As the company briefly announces on its website, the effectiveness of the affected batch is limited. Solenal GmbH does not provide any further information – the “Produktwar” portal recommends customers to return the product to the relevant shop.

Swell:“”, Solenal

January 1st: Recall of battery operated fairy lights

Netto ApS & Co. KG recalls battery-operated fairy lights with ten LEDs each in five different designs from the supplier Y-Connection APS. As reported by the company, it cannot be ruled out that these products may generate unexpectedly high levels of heat on the battery compartment. Affected fairy lights have the following EAN numbers: 5710849207250; 5710849207267; 5710849207274; 5710849207236; 5710849207243.

Customers who have bought one of the products in question can return the goods to their place of purchase for a refund of the purchase price without presenting the receipt.

Those: “”

January 1st: Meat wholesaler recalls lamb chop “Ashley”

The North Rhine-Westphalian meat wholesaler Alexander Eyckeler GmbH has recalled frozen lamb chops from New Zealand. The company, based in Erkrath, announced on Wednesday that harmful Escherichia coli bacteria were found in one piece.

The meat under the brand name “Ashley” was sold nationwide in branches of the retail chain Real. Specifically, it is about 500 gram packs with the lot number 50 9051, best before date January 30, 2022 and a barcode starting with the digits 281939. The return is also possible without a receipt in Real branches by calling back.

Those: DPA

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