Receiving Funds from Wrong Bank Transfer, Men in Surabaya Criminalized, Family Demands Justice

SURYA.CO.ID, SURABAYA – Ardi Pratama (29) Manukan Lor Gang I residents, Surabaya City, never expected to deal with the police.

The man, who worked as a luxury car broker during those days, must accept his condition as a defendant in the case wrong transfer funds that occurred on March 17, 2020, valued at IDR 51 million.

In the evidence of the mutation sheet, the Rp. 51 million was a BI clearing deposit that entered Ardi’s Bank Central Asia (BCA) account.

Ardi also thought that if the money that had entered his account was a commission for the sale of luxury cars promised by the car owner after the unit was sold.

“The money was indeed used by my sister. It was transferred to my mother to pay debts regularly. The value is around 30 million,” he said. Tio Budi Satrio, younger brother of Ardi Pratama, Monday (22/2/2021).

After that, Ardi was surprised by the arrival of two employees Bank BCA Citraland KCP which confirmed if the money was worth Rp. 51 million wrong transfer.

“At that time, my brother admitted that the money had indeed gone into his account. But at that time it was thought that the money was the result of commission for car sales,” he added.

Because given information by parties Bank BCA, Ardi finally understood and conveyed that if the money had been used and promised to replace it regularly.

Party Bank BCA it said, if there was a wrong transfer of money to Ardi’s BCA account with account number 829089620 in the name Ardi Pratama, which should have been transferred by the bank to Philip’s account number 829089626.

“My sister was informed. They said they entered the wrong account number. It was about a week after my sister received the transferred money,” he added.

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