Recent Research Says Blood Type O Is More Immune to Covid-19 Infection Than A.

PR CIREBON – According to the latest research, blood type turns out to be decisive risk contraction against corona virus or Covid-19.

Many scientists and medical professionals continue to study the relationship between Covid-19 and blood type different and endeavors to understand in detail.

Here is an explanation of risk infection Covid-19 on blood type certain, as reported from Times of India:

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Blood type O is more ‘immune’ to Covid-19

A November 2020 study published in the medical journal Nature claims that blood type can affect risk infection Covid-19.

The study evaluated about 14,000 people in the Presbyterian hospital system in New York and found that people were other than blood type O has a higher risk of infection Covid-19.

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One of the previous studies was published in the journal Blood Advances also claims so.


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