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2023-05-22 14:17:39

So, guys, today I came to talk about a dish that has been gaining more and more space on Brazilian tables: polenta, yes, because this Italian delicacy ended up conquering the hearts and palates of Brazilians.

Polenta is a traditional recipe from the region of Italy, made from corn flour. She arrived in Brazil with Italian immigrants but little by little, she adapted and gained a very Brazilian touch.

Here in our Brasilzão, it is prepared in different ways and it is difficult to find someone who does not have a very special recipe that they always make, in short, it has become our typical dish!

I love polenta anyway, I make it a lot as a main dish, but I can’t do without a good fry up as a starter.

Yes, I am adept at one of the most popular recipes which is fried polenta, that’s right, those crispy and golden strips that we love, snacking in the late afternoon with a cold beer is life! Anyway, I find it impossible to resist!

Another option much appreciated by Brazilians is soft polenta, but that creamy one that goes with practically everything, you know? The one with juicy meat sauce in a deep dish, polenta underneath and sauce on top. It’s kiss-licking!

One ingredient, many recipes

This dish has conquered its place in Brazilian cuisine and we understand perfectly why. It is a versatile, delicious dish that appeals to all palates, the polenta always leaves you wanting more.

I made a special here full of good ideas, so don’t be silly and go see!

And then, what is your favorite dish with polenta, write to me telling your favorite recipe, if you make any recipes from here, don’t forget to tag me and of course, talk to us in the comments! 🌽🍽️

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