“Recklessness” prevailed on the set of “Rust”… The prosecution of Baldwin is not ruled out

Santa Fe County Sheriff Adan Mendoza and Prosecutor Mary Carmack-Altois (Nick Lyman/AFP)

Officials and a new court report announced that the revolver used on the set of the movie “Rust” had not undergone a careful examination before it was given American actor Alec Baldwin, who shot him In an accidental shooting last week, in New Mexico.

New details emerged about the incident, Wednesday, at a press conference held by Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office, Adan Mendoza, and Attorney General Marie Carmack-Altois, in a statement from the county police department. Mendoza told reporters that the filming site witnessed a lack of safety measures before the shooting, which occurred last Thursday, and killed cinematographer Helena Hutchins during scene training.

The assistant director of the movie “Rust” admitted that he did not verify the weapon with which he was killed Alec Baldwin Incidentally, the director of filming worked during a rehearsal of one of the scenes, while the local authorities spoke of a “recklessness” that prevailed on the filming site, without excluding the possibility of prosecuting the actor.

The Attorney General in the city of Santa Fe (the capital of the state of New Mexico), Mary Carmack-Altois, explained during a press conference, Wednesday, that the responsibilities have not yet been determined, but it is not excluded that the prosecution of actor Alec Baldwin, who also takes the role of executive producer of the low-budget Western movie. .

No arrests have been made to date, while hearings continue for witnesses who were present at the Bonanza Creek ranch, where Halina Hutchins was fatally shot on October 21.

In addition to Alec Baldwin, other people in connection with the incident may be prosecuted, including assistant director Dave Halls, who handed the actor the weapon to rehearse the scene, and admitted he had not checked it before the incident.

“I think there was an air of recklessness on this set, and there are questions that the (cinema) and possibly the state (New Mexico) should be looking for answers to,” Santa Fe County Sheriff Adan Mendoza said.

Witnesses reported that Dave Holz told Baldwin that the weapon was “cold”, which in cinematic terms means that it is unloaded and therefore not dangerous to use.

Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, 24, a gun expert on the set, may also be prosecuted.

On film sets, these weapons experts are responsible for the weapons used in the shooting scenes, and must constantly ensure that they do not pose a threat to the team. Firearms should also remain unavailable when they are not needed.

According to testimonies collected by investigators, Hannah Gutierrez-Reid confirmed that she had put the revolvers intended for use in the Baldwin scenes in a safe place when the team left the set for lunch, but did not remove the munitions from the scene.

Also, Dave Holz said that Gutierrez-Reid showed him the weapon that was brought to the scene after the break, and said he saw three “fake” bullets in the barrel of the gun. In his report, an investigator wrote that Halls “confessed that he should have checked all these bullets, but did not do so.”

Inspections conducted during filming led to the seizure of 500 rounds, fake or unloaded, apparently containing real ammunition, a hypothesis that has yet to be confirmed by scientific police analysts, according to the police chief.

The seizure of 500 rounds, fake or unloaded, apparently contained real ammunition, a hypothesis that has yet to be confirmed.

Experts will also examine the fatal bullet that ended up in the shoulder of director Joel Sousa, who was also injured in the accident. The use of live bullets on filming sites is prohibited under strict laws in the cinema sector, in order to avoid, in particular, this type of accident.

“We will determine how (this live bullet) got to the set and why it was there if it shouldn’t have happened,” the Santa Fe police chief said.

The specialized website, The Wrap, quoted sources familiar with the filming scene, as saying that some members of the team used the pistol in question to fire live ammunition at drink cans just hours before the accident.

Prosecutor Mary Carmack-Altois stressed that it is “too early” to assign responsibilities at this stage, and to file charges. “We cannot say whether or from whom there was any negligence, nor the number of people involved. We have not reached any firm conviction at this stage,” she said.

(AFP, Reuters)

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