Recommendation not to take aspirin daily .. for this age group!

A leading panel of American experts has recommended that people over the age of 60 not eat aspirin To prevent heart attacks or strokes as is common.

The recommendation was based on mounting evidence that the harms of daily aspirin use outweigh any benefits in healthy adults, according to New Atlas.

The US Preventive Services Health Authority (USPTSF), an independent panel of health experts that has provided preventive health advice to the US government for more than 40 years, says it recommends taking aspirin at two age-related levels.

The first is a comprehensive recommendation for those over 60 years of age who take aspirin as a precaution, and for those 40 to 59 years of age at risk for cardiovascular disease who are recommended to discuss with their treating physician whether daily aspirin use is appropriate for them. .

John Wong, a member of the USPTSF, said: ‘People aged 40 to 59 who do not have a history of cardiovascular disease but are at higher risk may benefit from starting to take aspirin to prevent a heart attack or stroke. first,” but “it is important that they decide with their healthcare professional whether starting aspirin is right for them because daily aspirin use portends serious potential harm.”


Categories under 60 years old

For those under the age of 60, the committee recommended that a variety of factors be considered before starting to take a daily aspirin. These factors may include a patient’s individual risk of bleeding and a family history of cardiovascular disease.

But for those over 60, the recommendation is even clearer: in the absence of any prior diagnosis of heart disease or stroke, the potential harms of aspirin outweigh the benefits.

“Based on current evidence, the expert group recommends that people aged 60 and over should not start taking aspirin to prevent a first heart attack or stroke, since the chance of internal bleeding increases with progression,” said task force deputy chair Michael Barry. age, so the risks of aspirin use outweigh its benefits in this age group.”

Stop by doctor’s order

It should be noted that USPTSF experts stressed that individuals who are already taking aspirin should not discontinue any medication without consulting their physician, as there are still many adults with clinically significant conditions that actually warrant daily doses of aspirin.

Experts emphasized that the updated advice is for healthy adults over 60 years of age who have no pre-existing risk factors for heart disease or stroke.

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