Recommendations for Disinfectants and Hand Sanitizers to Prevent Covid-19 Transmission

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Until now the Covid-19 pandemic has not been fully controlled.

The government continues to urge people to minimize activities outside the home. Even imposing sanctions for violating health protocols.

The public is also asked to participate in preventing the spread of covid-19 transmission by implementing health protocols, including wearing masks, avoiding crowds, and diligently washing hands.

Because, SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19, is very contagious. For example, through droplets and surfaces of various objects that have been previously contaminated.

Apart from using masks, washing hands, and maintaining distance, new habits are also needed, for example, diligently sterilizing hands with a hand sanitizer when it is difficult to find a place to wash your hands.

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This includes sterilizing the air in the room and regularly cleaning various surfaces using a disinfectant.

However, not all types of hand sanitizers and disinfectants are able to kill the virus that causes Covid-19.

There are so many types of viruses and bacteria that when a product claims to kill a particular type of virus or bacteria, it needs laboratory tests first.

GERM KILLER, a hand sanitizer and disinfectant product from Singapore, conducted laboratory tests.

From the results of laboratory tests conducted by the Analytical Lab Group (ALG), America, it was found that the GERM KILLER was proven capable of killing SARS-CoV-2 ,.

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