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For this long and quarantine bridge, the best plan is to watch or relive emotions with some series offered by digital platforms at this time when you have to take care of yourself and stay at home.

1. Lupin (Netflix)

The series Lupine, with French actor Omar Sy, is among the ten most watched on Netflix in Colombia

It is a French action-comedy series starring Omar Sy, who plays a very sophisticated thief who in turn tries to solve a crime for which he is accused.

Omar Sy, remembered for his performance in the endearing film Amigos, plays the protagonist of this plot: Assane Diop, who deals with action, suspense and drama, in a production that entertains and offers some surprises.

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2. Savages (Amazon Prime)

A group of girls travel to have an experience that balances their lives and ends the problems they face, but on that journey, they suffer a plane crash and have to assume different roles to survive. A mix of suspense and a teenage portrait that promises an unexpected twist.

3. Beforeigners (The Visitors) (HBO and HBO GO)

Powerful flashes of light are recorded in the ocean and people from the past from three historical periods resurface: the Stone Age, the Viking Age and the end of the 1800s. No one understands how this is possible and the individuals of the past, called ‘ Beforeigners’, they have no memory of what happened.

Some years later, Alfhildr – who hails from the Viking Age – is assigned as a companion to policeman Lars Haaland, as part of the police department integration program. While investigating the murder of a victim with tattoos from the Stone Age. The first episode premieres January 10, at 8 p.m.

4. The Mandalorian (Disney+)

It is true that the end of the second season caused a stir and was a trend in networks around the world, however, there are always new fans to seduce in this alternative history, inspired by the universe of the famous science fiction saga Star Wars.

The adventures of a warrior and bounty hunter in a galaxy with great power conflicts, is the context of this blockbuster that is already preparing a third season.

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5. Gangs of London (Starzplay)

One of the most violent series in the United Kingdom, it tells of the power conflicts that arise after the death of a famous organized crime leader.

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Under an environment of confusion, his son Sean, must assume command and try to solve not only the mystery about his father’s crime, but to confront enemies who want more than cherish power.



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