Record numbers of Corona injuries in South Korea

The number of daily infections in South Korea hit a new record, on Wednesday, while the authorities suspended quarantine exemptions for incoming travelers with vaccination certificates.

And the authorities are trying to stave off the risk of a significant spread of the mutated omicron, at a time when the Korean Agency for Disease Control and Prevention announced that 5,266 injuries had been recorded, Wednesday, one day after the daily toll rose to more than 5,000 cases for the first time amid fears of a sharp rise in the number of patients suffering from disease. of severe symptoms.

The total number of injuries rose to more than 457,000, with 3,705 deaths.

South Korea will require the imposition of a 10-day quarantine on all incoming travelers for a period of two weeks, starting from Friday, regardless of the position on vaccinations.

South Korea confirmed five cases of the Omicron mutant, including a two-dose vaccinated couple who arrived from Nigeria with two family members and a friend.

The government is restricting travel from eight countries, including South Africa, and will add Nigeria to the list from Friday, while direct flights from Ethiopia have been suspended from Saturday, according to the aviation authority.

Nearly 92 percent of adults have been vaccinated in South Korea, which is now focusing on vaccinating children and putting in place a booster-dose program, but experts have warned that cases may continue to rise in part due to the spread of a potentially more contagious variant.

The number of cases has risen since the relaxation of social distancing restrictions last month.

Hospital Care Authority data showed that the number of severe cases rose to a record 733, and that 90 percent of intensive care unit beds in the greater metropolitan area were occupied, with 915 patients waiting for admission.

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