Record of contaminations in the Netherlands, 2,100 classes closed in France …: update on the coronavirus in Europe

Lhe coronavirus continues to spread across Europe. Netherlands, Belgium, Spain… few countries are currently spared. Overview.


Between Tuesday morning and Wednesday morning, 1,546 new cases of coronavirus were detected in the Netherlands. This is the highest number recorded in a day. The old record held for a day. In the past seven days, more than 8,600 cases of coronavirus have been recorded in the Netherlands.

From the end of March to mid-April, many contaminations had also been detected, but by that time, far fewer people were being tested. The actual number of contaminations was probably much higher at the time.

Containment in Madrid?

The region of Madrid, epicenter of the rebound of the Covid-19 epidemic in Spain, announced on Wednesday that it plans to contain areas of the city or region with the largest increase in the number of Covid-19 cases .

Antonio Zapatero, number two of the regional health authorities of Madrid, spoke to the press of a “confinement by health zones” – on which each patient in his district or his city depends – “having the greatest incidence” of new cases relative to their population. These “restrictions on gatherings of people and also mobility” will be announced “by the end of the week”, he added.

Several low-income neighborhoods in the south of the Spanish capital and surrounding towns have recorded a number of cases exceeding 700 per 100,000 inhabitants over the past two weeks. The Puente de Vallecas district in Madrid even exceeds 1,000.

France: 2,100 classes closed

After Lille, Marseille and Bordeaux, the government is preparing minds for a hardening of health constraints in several territories in the face of the rebound of the Covid-19 epidemic, while the French are showing their skepticism about its strategy.

Among the metropolitan areas in the sights could be the city of Lyon, the Rhône department with an incidence rate of 168 cases per 100,000, the second largest in the metropolis after Bouches-du-Rhône.

Overall, France is seeing an increase in the number of cases and hospitalizations. Almost 8,000 new cases were recorded on Monday, as in recent days and over the last seven days 2,713 patients were hospitalized and 479 admitted to intensive care.

The return to school and university remains at high risk. 81 schools and a little over 2,100 classes have been closed since the start of the school year. But this represents only “0.13%” of some 60,000 schools in the country “, underlined the Minister of Education Jean-Michel Blanquer, who notes about” 1,200 new cases of pupils compared to the previous week ” .


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