Record of nine people killed by coronavirus in Córdoba – News

The Ministry of Health of the Province of Córdoba reported that 686 new cases of Covid-19 were confirmed this Wednesday, of which 261 correspond to Córdoba capital and 425 from the interior, with the following distribution by departments:

Calamuchita: Saint Augustine 1; Villa del Dique 1; Villa General Belgrano 1.

Colon: Colonia Caroya 2; Colonia Tirolesa 1; Jesus Maria 5; La Calera 8; Malvinas Argentinas 4; Mendiolaza 1; Exit 1; Unquillo 5; Villa Allende 5.

General Roca: Huinca Renancó 4.

General San Martin: Villa Maria 23.

Ischilín: Deán Funes 2.

Juárez Celman: Ram 2; Charras 1; General Cabrera 16; General Deheza 41; La Carlota 1; The Swans 1; Ucacha 1.

Marcos Juarez: Arias 1; Camilo Aldao 2; Corral de Bustos 38; General Baldissera 1; Guatimozin 1; Marcos Juárez city 2.

President Roque S. Peña: General Levalle 2; Laboulaye 6; Rosales 1.

Punilla: Bialet Massé 1; Chapel of Mount 1; Cosquin 5; Huerta Grande 1; Los Cocos 2; Santa María de Punilla 1; Tanti 2; Villa Carlos Paz 4.

Fourth quarter: Berrotarán 2; Bulnes 3; Colonel Baigorria 1; Colonel Moldes 2; Elena 4; Las Higueras 7; city ​​of Río Cuarto 127; Sampacho 2; Saint Basil 3.

River First: City of Río Primero 1.

Dry river: Villa de María 1.

Second River: Costa Sacate 1; Long Lagoon 9; Luque 1; Oncative 1; Pillar 2; city ​​of Río Segundo 7; Villa del Rosario 2.

San Javier: Villa Dolores 1.

St. Just: San Francisco 2.

Santa Maria: High Grace 15; Bouwer 1; Malagueño 4.

Sobremonte: San Francisco del Chañar 1.

Third Top: Hernando 9; Olive 2; Third River 3; Villa Ascasubi 1.

Totoral: Villa del Totoral 9; Las Peñas 1.

Pump: San José de la Dormida 1.

Union: Bell Ville 1.

Of the total cases, 44 are linked to close contacts of previously confirmed cases and 642 are under investigation.

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On the other hand, this Wednesday five cases were reported to the National Health Surveillance System (SNVS), two cases of people with residence in the province of Buenos Aires, but with legal domicile in Viamonte and Cintra; two cases of people with residence in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, but with legal domicile in Luque and Huinca Renancó and one person with residence in Neuquén, but legal domicile in Villa María.

In this way, the province of Córdoba records to date a total of 691 new cases and a cumulative 16,365 cases.

From the beginning of the pandemic to date, in the province of Córdoba, tests with PCR (swabs) were carried out on 230,798 people. This results in a rate of 61,375 people studied with CRP for every 1 million inhabitants. This Wednesday, 6,766 studies were carried out, of which 3,416 are PCR and 3,350 serological tests.

Nine deaths from Covid-19 were reported in the province of Córdoba, according to the detail below:


2 from Córdoba capital, 67 and 76 years old.

1 from Río Cuarto, 97 years old.

1 from Totoral, 64 years old.

1 of Hernando, 69 years old.


1 from Córdoba capital, 62 years old.

2 from Río Cuarto, 70 years old.

1 from La Vertientes, 86 years old.

All the people were hospitalized and had a history of previous pathologies. To date, there have been a total of 220 deaths from this cause.

Regarding the recovered persons, the proportion of discharges in relation to the total of confirmed cases in the province of Córdoba is 49%.

Occupancy of critical beds for adults

To date, 1,179 people are hospitalized in beds in critical units for adults (Covid-19 / not Covid-19), which represents 48.3% of the total beds in the public and private sectors of the province Cordova.

In relation to critical beds for Covid-19 adults, 524 people are hospitalized, which represents a 39.4% of the total beds in the public and private sectors of the Córdoba province.

Operative Identify

In order to develop active search strategies for suspected cases of Covid-19, the Identify Program Operations continue.

This Wednesday, they were held in the towns of Marcos Juárez (Marcos Juárez), Villa Dolores (San Javier), La Paz (San Javier), Oliva (Third Above), James Craik (Third Above), Pampayasta (Third Above) , Río Cuarto (Río Cuarto), Cosquín (Punilla), Oncativo (Río Segundo), Colazo (Río Segundo), in the Ciudad de los Cuartetos neighborhood of Córdoba capital, and in various institutions and access controls to the Province. A total of 4,321 studies were carried out, of which 971 correspond to sampling with swabs (PCR) from those who had close contact with positive cases or presented symptoms and 3,350 to serological tests in the framework of population samples in those areas and from controls to those who enter the provincial territory. The swab samples are being processed by the Central Laboratory of the Province.

To date, a total of 55,227 serological tests have been carried out at the provincial access controls.


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