Record sales of video games in the United States in 2020

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Video game sales in the United States hit a record high in 2020, reaching $ 56.9 billion, according to a report by research firm NPD Group released on Friday, confirming the good health of a sector carried by containments.

Total industry-generated revenue is up 27% or $ 12 billion from the previous year.

December was also the highest-grossing month in US video game history with cumulative revenue of $ 7.7 billion, up 25% or $ 1.5 billion from December. 2019.

The vast majority of sales come from content related to video games, whether physical or downloadable games, subscriptions to various services or spending on mobile games.

The “Call of Duty” first-person shooter franchise, available on PlayStation, Xbox and PC, made the most money in 2020, with titles “Cold War” and “Modern Warfare” taking the top spot. ranking of sales in dollars.

The famous simulation game “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” for Nintendo Switch took third place.

The battle for consoles was clearly won by the Japanese Nintendo, whose Switch came first in sales, both for revenue in dollars and for the number of units sold.

Sony’s PlayStation 5, which launched in November, took second place for the number of units sold, while the previous model, the PlayStation 4, generated the second highest grossing.

NPD did not provide details on sales of the new versions of the Xbox (Series X and Series S) from Microsoft, also released since November.

Sony and Microsoft have not communicated sales figures on their latest console models.

Already growing strongly before the coronavirus pandemic, the video game industry accelerated its development last year, taking advantage in particular of the extra time spent at home with the restriction of travel.


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