Recordings of Amber Heard’s mother put her in an embarrassing situation.. new confessions for Johnny Depp

Paige Heard, the mother of actress Amber Heard, recently sparked widespread controversy after revealing that the idea of ​​the domestic violence charges her daughter had brought against her husband, international star Johnny Depp, was not her idea in the first place, during the trial that occupies public opinion while both parties try to prove his innocence.

The American newspaper, The News, quoted what Amber’s mother had said, and it was shocking in court, as she told the international star, through several messages she sent to him, that her daughter had not willingly requested a restraining order, and blamed lawyers on both sides.
In the recording, the woman said, “Lawyers on both sides did it. Not Amber, she heard the whole story and she didn’t want it. The lawyers wanted it.” Johnny answers the question about the reasons that prompted her daughter to go to court, with pictures showing her being abused.

Johnny added, “This is my life too. How will my kids and their friends see me? I don’t deserve this, and they don’t deserve this, especially from her.”
The recording, in which the mother described her daughter’s lawyer as “stupid”, caused a sensation in the courts and social media, and she said frankly, “This was not her idea and not her desire. She was told that she would be expelled within 30 days, if she did not do so.”
And she added, in a series of messages issued by her, that she did not make excuses, and that her daughter did not want to do that, and she felt that she was betraying her only love, and she also asked Johnny not to tell Heard what she said to him, and to keep it a secret between them, and she concluded the letter by saying: “Please don’t pass this up if you talk to Amber again.. I love you son.”

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