recount of the president’s statements on international affairs

Pedro Castillo on CNN: account of the president's statements on international affairs

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Pedro Castillo on CNN: account of the president’s statements on international affairs

In a dialogue with CNN’s Fernando del Rincón, President Pedro Castillo clarified that he did not turn to the President of Mexico to ask for advice on political matters. He claims that he struck up a conversation “like the one he has with his parents.”

“Notice I didn’t ask you for advice. It was a conversation like the one I have with my parents,” Castillo Terrones said at the Government Palace facilities, where the interview conducted by the CNN journalist was recorded.

At another point in the interview, the former professor stressed that he will not give access to the Peruvian sea to Bolivia arbitrarily, despite the fact that it welcomes this popular demand from the neighboring country.

“We will consult the people. For that, the people need to manifest themselves. (…) What would happen if the Peruvians agree? I owe myself to the people, I would never do something that the people do not want,” he said.

Regarding the recognition of Nicolás Maduro as president, Castillo avoided saying if he recognizes him as president of Venezuela. “You have to ask Venezuelans. It is as if they said in Peru who is recognized as president if Keiko Fujimori or Pedro Castillo. I am not going to get into the problems of other countries (…) The president of Venezuela is the one who the Venezuelans have chosen, “he said.

Economically, the Gross Domestic Product (PBI) of Peru during 2022 would have a growth of between 3.5% and 4%, according to the latest projections of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF). “It is less as a percentage than our previous rate, but it implies a level of PBI which largely exceeds the level we had previously programmed by about 2 points”, explained the head of the MEF, Pedro Francke.

On the social side, yesterday, Monday, January 24, the vaccination for children aged 5 to 11 to prevent contagion of the ómicron variant and ensure the start of face-to-face classes. “It means a substantial advance for our country, it puts us among those who have advanced the most in this age group and it will definitely strengthen us for the restart of classes as soon as possible,” said Hernando Cevallos, Minister of Health.

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