“Recruiting nurses from abroad will not solve anything in the short term”

According to the daily The duty, it could be two or three years before the 3,500 nurses that Quebec wants to bring can relieve the health system. In addition, the successful candidates will face a real obstacle course.

The Quebec authorities recently announced their intention to hire thousands of nurses and other health professionals abroad to meet the need for manpower in this sector, providing for recruitment missions in several countries, including France. Most The duty warns real “Way of the cross” waiting for the chosen nurses. “It could take at least two to three years before these nurses can really take the strain off the health care system.”

Why ? The Quebec daily evokes several pitfalls for the provincial Ministry of Health and the successful candidates to find their account. The first step is the recognition of the equivalence of a nursing diploma. True, the newspaper reports: French women benefit from a special agreement.

The conditions for practicing in Quebec

The Order of Nurses of Quebec (OIIQ) recognizes the state diploma issued by France, but indicates that French nurses must have obtained this diploma in France following a study program carried out on site, be registered on the Table of the National Order of Nurses from France and have practiced their profession at least “At least 500 hours during the four years preceding the permit application if the state diploma was obtained more than four years ago”. Once in Quebec, specifies theOIIQ, these nurses will have to pass an adaptation internship.

The duty points out, moreover, that only 45 to 55% of the cases submitted to theOIIQ are complete and then the body gives itself two to three months to process them. As its services then only deal with about fifty cases, the deadline will be much longer if there are thousands of applications.

“To the deadlines for professional recognition we must also add those of immigration”, continues the newspaper. The ministry wrote to him:

Usually, a person who is recruited and obtains a closed temporary work permit can expect to arrive in Quebec in ten to twelve months. ”

The compulsory French exam is then added. The Office québécois de la langue française indicates on a daily basis that “These are 60 % of candidates who failed this exam in the last year ”.

A temporary migration status that can last

Another major obstacle for immigrant nurses is temporary migration status. A French nurse who has been practicing her profession in Sherbrooke since 2015, Marie Ventura, criticizes the Quebec recruitment authorities for not having mentioned this temporary aspect of immigration. “We were told that we would quickly have our permanent residence if we wanted to.It’s all well and good to look for nurses in Europe, but it will be complicated ”. She calculates that she spent around 6,957 euros in administrative costs linked to the immigration procedure.

Thibault Camara, president of the organization for the defense of the rights of immigrants “Quebec, it is us too”, affirms to the To have to that these reasons make that many nurses go back to France. He maintains that 50,000 permanent residence files are still not processed and, summarizes the newspaper,

“It will take at least two years for these to be fully residents of Quebec.”

Martin Gauthier


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