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Al-Marsad newspaper: The writer Aqel Al-Aql said that: “Some files in the local market are slowly creeping towards a solution and detente while ensuring the rights of all parties. Among these complex files is the file of the recruitment of domestic workers, which, if facilitated and opened, the recruitment from a desirable country stumbles and is closed temporarily or permanently from other countries. .”

Closure of recruitment from the Philippines for undisclosed reasons

And he continued, during an article in the newspaper “Okaz” entitled “Recruitment from Indonesia, what a joy it has done”: “For example, recruitment from the Philippines for domestic workers has been temporarily suspended for months, and many citizens are stuck in this situation. They issued visas to bring domestic workers from there. And they paid sums to the recruitment offices, but the offices were unable to fulfill their obligations towards clients, due to the closure of recruitment from the Philippines for undisclosed reasons and no specific dates to end the matter or to find out the real reasons that complicated the matter and the demands of the Filipino side. Filipinas with local companies or because of limited practices towards some Filipino workers here?”

good orientation

And he added, it is certain that the rights of some who issued visas to the Philippines and paid recruitment fees to offices, their rights were delayed or threatened with loss. The Ministry of Human Resources has been working seriously and for some time to open the recruitment of domestic workers from several countries, and this is indeed a good trend that gives more options to service seekers from multiple countries.

Recruitment of Indonesian labor

He added, many were optimistic about the recent opening of the door for the recruitment of Indonesian labor, which is a desirable labor in society for various reasons in previous years, but the experience faltered for various reasons as well, which prompted the Indonesian official authorities to suspend the export of their labor to the Kingdom for several years, some due to weak controls that guarantee the rights of the worker from Some sponsors in the past. The recently announced agreement was not welcomed by some because it limits and prevents the recruitment of Indonesian workers directly in the name of the sponsor through recruitment offices that are widely spread in our cities, which were suffering from clear chaos in the past.

Rental of domestic labor for citizens and residents

And he continued, now the recruitment from Indonesia is available only through the recruitment companies that will rent these domestic workers to the citizen and resident by the day, month or year, and this method is undoubtedly effective and convenient for the applicant for the service and guarantees the rights of all parties, especially domestic workers; Because they are the weaker party in this loop, companies will provide adequate housing conditions for employment, health insurance, and outstanding salaries.

Organizational problems of the domestic worker

On the other hand, the citizen will obtain the service accurately and effectively, away from the organizational problems of the domestic worker, such as the cases of escape that cost millions and the loss of the rights of some financial parties in the case of recruitment through offices and not companies, and I believe that recruitment through companies will dominate the market in the coming years. Next, it will be the desired and guaranteed channel for recruiting domestic workers from most countries.

High price issue and complicated procedures

He pointed out that the problem with companies that rent labor is the issue of high prices and complex procedures. If we want the success of the recruitment experience through companies only for some nationalities, the Ministry of Human Resources should not leave recruitment companies free to determine the prices of hiring labor, as it is now reluctant – despite the ministry’s denial And through unofficial sources – that the price of hiring an Indonesian worker will reach exaggerated prices, which means that the company will be the biggest winner from the citizen’s pocket and from the sweat of the worker. For the experiment to succeed, the profit margin must be reasonable and we should not reach the stage of greed.

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