Recruitment without a CV to facilitate hiring in sectors under stress

In 2021, companies in many sectors had difficulty recruiting due to a lack of suitable profiles, particularly in home help, construction and energy trades or catering trades, which are very affected. by the pandemic. To fill the void and at the same time to ensure that all the unemployed find their way back to employment, pole emploi has started to use the recruitment method by simulation (MRS), without CV.

Free yourself from CVs, cover letters and face-to-face interviews

The simulation recruitment method will make it possible to hire job seekers who do not yet have their own diplomas or courses, because their selection is based on interpersonal skills and not on diplomas. Certain professions, which require listening, precision, observation, will be able to use this system to find the ideal candidates. By participating in professional scenarios, recruiters can check whether candidates meet the requirements of the profession and observe in situ the professional and personal capacities of job seekers. No more CVs, cover letters or interviews, what matters is the candidate’s true potential.

An inclusive and less discriminating method

This method is used to fill positions in actions of massive and rapid recruitment of telephone advisers, health managers, or formworkers, for example. Christelle Proust, MRS Advisor at Pôle Emploi Vertou (Pays de la Loire) Explain that this type of recruitment is intended to be non-discriminatory, open to people who have failed at school, to disabled workers or to former prisoners. Many positions are available.

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