During the afternoon of this Thursday, the Onemi in La Araucanía decreed Red alert for the Lumaco commune due to a forest fire in the Alto Renaico sector.

On a preliminary basis, Catedrin Savaria, director (s) of Onemi in the area, indicated that the incident would have affected three houses.

Likewise, the flames have consumed -so far- 300 hectares of vegetation, threatening about thirty homes.


In addition, it was specified that volunteers from the Freire, Lumaco, Gorbea, Contulmo, Pitrufquen and Temuco firefighters will arrive at the site to help control the accident.

In that sense, from Onemi it was pointed out that “All necessary and available resources will be mobilized, in additional support to what has already been deployed by Conaf, Firefighters and the National Civil Protection System”.