Red Bull F1 leader “British media’s Internet flames crushed Yuri Bips”[]

Helmut Marko, Red Bull F1’s motorsport adviser, says Red Bull are out of the driver program after an ‘internet blaze’ sparked by the British media after Yuri Bips used racist language online. said he was forced to exclude young people who were

In June of this year, Yuri Pips used the N-word while streaming a video game live on Twitch. Red Bull Racing responded immediately to this.

The Red Bull-supported F2 driver was suspended from reserve driver and simulator duties with the F1 team, and was later removed from Red Bull’s junior driver program altogether.

However, Yuri Pips has been retained by Hitech GP to compete in this year’s FIA-F2 Championship.

Helmut Marko has admitted that media backlash persuaded Red Bull to cut ties with Yuri Bips.

“The British media unleashed such a shock that Red Bull Racing had to dismiss him,” Marko said in an interview with

“Personally, he’s 21 and I think he apologized. But what bothers me is what happened during a stupid video game because they have nothing to do in the afternoon.”

“I don’t understand how you can do more than two minutes, but that’s young people. I can’t help it. Max[Verstappen]is also in Sim Racing.”

Is Red Bull’s decision on Yuri Bips fair compared to the lack of action taken when Max Verstappen used the word ‘Mongolian’ against Lance Stroll a few years ago to denigrate him? When asked if, Helmut Marko said the two situations were not comparable.

“There is no comparison to it,” said Helmut Marko.

“It’s also about the overall development of both of us as individuals.”

“Max has always been at the forefront of this field. Of course, the pressure on Bips from the media and sponsors was so great that action had to be taken.”

Assessing Red Bull’s current young talent pool, Helmut Marko has suggested Dennis Hauger, the Norwegian F2 driver who won the F3 title last season, if his performances justify such a move. , singled it out as the next young gun potentially in line for promotion to F1.

“Dennis Hauger has dominated F3 in an incredible way,” said Helmut Marko.

“Right now he’s had his ups and downs in F2, he’s not consistent. Performance and nothing else is the deciding factor. That could change.”

“Someone who thought they could do it suddenly doesn’t, and vice versa. So it’s hard to predict.”

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