Red Bull F1 representative “Ferrari will solve the problem and always fight back”[F1-Gate .com]

Red Bull Racing says Ferrari is “no doubt” to fight back from the current wobble that has upset the 2022 F1 championship battle.

Charles Leclerc has won pole position for the past four races in a row, but has not won the race since Round 3 Australia. To make matters worse, Spain and Azerbaijan have suffered two engine failures.

Coupled with a strategic error in Monaco, title-fighting rival Max Verstappen is leading the championship by 34 points.

Ferrari needs a quick answer to recent reliability issues, including the hydraulic issue of Carlos Sainz Jr., who retired in Baku on Sunday to prevent Red Bull Racing from winning the title. ..

However, Red Bull Racing’s F1 team representative Christian Horner knows that Ferrari’s current situation is not a good thing to take off the accelerator, and rivals simply keep things wrong. I believe it.

Asked about his thoughts on the outlook for the Ferrari title, Christian Horner explained, “I’m sure they have a very fast car on Saturday.”

“I think Sunday was on par with them in almost every race of the year, and I think we saw that case again in the early laps of Bagu.”

“They will solve the problem. I have no doubt about it, but I think it inevitably means that they will be penalized further at the end of the season.”

“Of course, there’s a long way to go for this championship to be successful. There have been big fluctuations in points in the last four to five races, which shows how quickly things can turn around.”

Red Bull Racing achieved a 1-2 finish due to Charles Leclerc’s engine failure in Baku, Christian Horner wins at the pace of the team’s car, even if Charles Leclerc is not in trouble I think I was able to fit it.

“I think we had a good race car, so the race development was disappointing in many ways,” said Christian Horner.

“I think we were able to strategically beat Charles on the route we chose, but I don’t know.”

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