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Christian Horner, Red Bull Racing’s F1 team representative, said he was confused by fans booing Max Verstappen while walking on a Silverstone track Thursday night.

Before the weekend action began, F1 drivers appeared in a crowd of fans already in Silverstone on Thursday. Max Verstappen was greeted with boos and swearing while walking on the circuit.

Max Verstappen received a frosty reception, especially in certain areas of the truck. Red Bull Racing’s F1 team representative Christian h-ner was asked if booing was like a hangover to the end of last season’s final round of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Max is also dating his daughter Kelly Piquet after being widely accused of using racist language when Nelson Piquet was talking about Lewis Hamilton in last year’s podcast.・ Verstappen realized that he could have been in a difficult position towards the weekend.

Max Verstappen was one of the drivers who announced his support for Lewis Hamilton, and later stated his belief that Nelson Piquet was not a racist, but his words were “incorrect. “.

Christian Horner reaffirms Verstappen’s stance on Nelson Piquet, acknowledging that his driver may be universally unpopular at last year’s biggest title rival Lewis Hamilton’s home race. I asked you to do it.

Asked about Max Verstappen’s reaction to Nelson Piquet’s remarks, Christian Horner told Sky Sport F1 that “Max has absolutely made it clear at yesterday’s press conference that he fully supports it.” rice field.

“He fully supports Lewis and supports all forms of racism and discrimination in sports, not just Lewis.

“And as Red Bull, we’re a young team, a very comprehensive team. We have very young followers and a very diverse followers. That’s very important to us.”

“Lewis will get a lot of support here. Another home race will be held in Austria next weekend.”

“The team is confident that it will receive a great deal of support from an additional 30,000 Dutch fans. Isn’t it a sport? It’s competition.”

Christian Horner feels that booing is rarely seen in the British fan base, despite partisan support for Lewis Hamilton.

Christian Horner added that F1 World Champion Max Verstappen understands that it can be part of his job as a driver and is widely supported in most parts of the calendar.

“It’s never a good thing to hear a driver boo, it’s unusual for a British Grand Prix spectator to do that because they usually thank all the drivers,” said Christian Horner.

“But that’s what he accepts. Lewis is their favorite driver here. No problem. I know there will be a lot of support next weekend. He says we are all over the world. We have huge support wherever we go, so that’s it. “

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