Red Bull, Mercedes and F1 team representatives are in harmony for the 2022 season[F1-Gate .com]

Red Bull Racing F1 team representative Christian Horner and Mercedes F1 team representative Toto Wolff peak in the 2021 season to reset hostility and hope for a clean start in 2022. We agree with the opinion.

In 2021, the most intense chan-onship in F1 history, both teams fought off-course tongues, peaking at the controversial climax of the final F1 Abu Dhabi GP.

The two met again in Barcelona, ​​where the F1 preseason test took place, and said they needed to reset last year’s fight and move forward for the 2022 season.

“I was expecting it,” said Toto Volg. “Sometimes it was fierce and brutal. But there’s a lot involved in F1. It’s the F1 World Championship, a battle for superiority not only on the course but also off the course. There is “

However, both men said they would like to reset their relationship this year and return to a more heartfelt situation between the two teams in 2022.

“But we need to move forward. There’s so much talk about Abu Dhabi that we’ve gone to the point where it really hurt all F1 stakeholders. Close that chapter and move on. It was to be”

“It’s 2022. The fight will start again and all points will return to zero. New opportunities and new risks will arise.”

Christian Horner, of course, has a slightly different view of the 2021 results than Toto Wolff, but felt it was time to clear the disgust he had accumulated last season.

“I think we have different opinions about Abu Dhabi, but last year was a great race from the first race to the last race,” said Christian Horner.

“I think that was an important part of F1’s resurgence.”

“I hope this year will be just as exciting. Ideally, I hope it’s not too exciting!”

Christian Horner points out that it is by no means certain that the fight will be limited to Mercedes and Red Bull, and that the introduction of new regulations has opened the door for other teams to join the title battle.

“I think it’s possible that other competitors are in the fight,” said Christian Horner.

“Especially the machine will be completely reset from a blank slate. It’s arguably the biggest regulation change in the last 40 years.

“But I am confident that the fierce rivalry between the team and the driver will be more appropriate than ever.”

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