Red Dead Online prepares for Halloween with zombies, new season pass and more content

As the rumors, the Halloween of Red Dead Online have a new team zombies mode. In addition, the multiplayer of Red Dead Redemption 2 receive a a season pass and a set of free gifts in the in-game store, complemented by the weekly update loaded with rewards, bonuses, perks and discounts.

The first halloween pass Red Dead Online can be purchased from the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. catalog or from the Progress menu for 15 gold bars. At that moment, all the rewards will be unlocked up to the level that the character has and as he advances, the rest of the content will be unlocked. Players will be able to keep everything they unlock during the Halloween Pass season, which lasts from today until November 16.

20 levels with unlockable rewards and free content for everyone

This season pass has a total of 20 levels and for each of them a reward will be received, including funds for the photographic studio (levels 3, 11 and 18), the horrifying skinned bison mask for horse (level 10), the colorful painted ram masks for the horse (level 19), the machete Zavala (level 20) and a gothic decoration design for the decanter (level 20).

In addition, some new elements are also included for the outfit of our characters, such as the boxing bandages for the hands (level 1) or the scab blindfold (level 17). As usual, this Halloween pass also has new reactions and content for the camp, as well as discounts and new filters for photo mode.

Those who do not wish to purchase the Halloween pass from Red Dead Online they don’t have to worry, because just for playing they will already receive thematic rewards: the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. club will give them some Free rewards available to all players such as the Phantom Stag Horse Stag Mask and Film Noir Filter for advanced camera.

New Legendary Animals and Team Zombie Mode

In addition to the content of the Halloween pass, this week Red Dead Online will update as usual with new discounts, bonuses and rewards, plus new legendary animals, new clothing sets and a new game mode.

Red Dead Online prepares for Halloween with zombies, new season pass and m

We start with the last, since Red Dead Online receive this week the modo Dead of Night, a new type of game in which four teams will have to fight for their survival against the undead. They will receive points for killing the undead, but more if they eliminate opponents. When playing this zombie mode In the next seven days, they will earn Triple Rewards and a Care Package containing 3 Tomahawks, 10 Unstable Incendiary Bottles, and 25 Incendiary Pellets.

Players of the Naturalist role would like to know that this week they arrive two new legendary animals a Red Dead Online: a legendary night panther that appears south of Bolger Glade and a panther ghost bee commonly seen hunting deer around the Bluewater Swamp.

Red Dead Online prepares for Halloween with zombies, new season pass and m

As usual, players can use these animals to obtain their outfits by dropping them off at Gus’s shop, or collect samples for Harriet. The biloga will also have the Zarigeya Biological Studies Guide together with harvested Harrietum Officinalis they can be used to transform into a possum.

Rewards, discounts and benefits

Regarding discounts and rewards, highlight the additional prizes that those who acquire the Halloween pass will obtain, who will receive a free weapon component. By purchasing a Halloween mask you will get 10 poisonous throwing knives and a free skill card. Finally, all players who started a role this week will get a reward of 2000 club experience points and a 50% discount offer on a weapon sold by the fence.

Red Dead Online prepares for Halloween with zombies, new season pass and m

On the other hand, this week’s discounts include five discount gold bars in the Bounty Hunter, Trader, Collector and Naturalist roles, 10 discount gold bars in the Liquorist role, a free liquor store relocation, 40% discount on all role items and everything the content of the Country Store, and 30% off all melee weapons. But perhaps the most important thing is that all fast rides are free this week.

Finally, the players of Prime Gaming They get new perks this week: a free single shoulder bag, 50% off a double shoulder bag, 50% off a deluxe camp, and 30% off the upgraded bow. If you are a Prime Gaming subscriber and have not yet linked your account to the Social Club account, you can still do so to get a free Katata coat, 6,000 experience points in the Naturalist role, a free wild camping and 5 legendary animal pheromones .


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