Red gambling author reveals Wen Jiabao’s wife Zhang Beili links up with Xi Jinping’s complicated investment relationship with the powerful-Free Finance

The author of the red gambling table revealed that Zhang Beili, the wife of former Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, matched the complicated investment relationship between Xi Jinping and the powerful (Photo: Reuters, Baidu Encyclopedia, and this paper)

[Financial Channel/Comprehensive Report]A memoir of the Chinese Communist Party’s struggle for gold, “Red Gambling Pan” (also translated as Red Roulette) has caused waves in Zhongnanhai and European and American countries. In an exclusive interview with Australian media, the author Shen Dong revealed his ex-wife Duan Weihong and The friendship of Zhang Beili, wife of former Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, contacted countless red aristocrats and Xi Jinping’s complex investment relationship through Zhang’s matchmaking, and explained in the memoirs that Sun Zhengcai, who was touted as a potential successor to Xi Jinping, and the current vice chairman Wang Qishan Series of key politicians’ deals.

The Australian Financial Review recentlyExposeThe content of the book “Red Gambling” clearly points out that China is a mysterious country, and the extravagant lifestyle and hidden wealth of political leaders and their relatives are always taboo topics. Anyone who tries to open that window will end up in jail or face a worse situation.

The book reveals that Duan has gained fame because of Wen’s investment and insurance giant-Ping An of China, but the largest transaction between Duan and Wen is the country’s largest air cargo logistics hub connected to Beijing International Airport. Under their arrangement, Zhang Beili will get 30% of the profits from their joint venture, and other partners will share the remaining 70%. The point is that the Wen family did not spend a dime from the beginning to the end.

Shen Dong accepted the Australian Financial Review and revealed some details again. Shen Dong said that he and his ex-wife Duan Weihong had dinner with Xi Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan in 2008. At that time, Xi Jinping was considered a potential successor to Hu Jintao. Only Peng Liyuan said that night. A lot of words were spoken, but Duan’s charm didn’t work for Peng, “This couple is too alert.”

Shen mentioned again that four years after his ex-wife Duan Weihong disappeared, just before the new book was about to go on sale, Duan called him on September 4, requesting the cancellation of the new book publication plan.

Shen Dong judged that Duan’s phone call was supposed to convey CCP messages and contained threats, so he had already reported the case to the British police and modified his survivors to ensure safety. This move was interpreted as Shen Dong seemed to have a deal with the CCP to the end.

Shen Dong directly criticized that this is a ridiculous request. Only some bureaucrats in Beijing can think of it. They can disappear a book from all the shelves in China overnight. But this is not China, the new book is about to hit the shelves, and the contract is signed. “Even if I want to, I cannot cancel the publication of the book.”

Shen Dong said that recently a media reporter told him, “You will be a person targeted by the CCP for the rest of your life.” Hearing such words, “You will really get chills in your back.”

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