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Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Who, Manu Dibango… a selection of musical books


The team of the Musics section of World presents a selection of recent works, this week mostly biographies. Including those which return to the beginnings of Flea of ​​the group Red Hot Chili Peppers and those of Lenny Kravitz, or on the course of Manu Dibango. The Who, Philippe Maneuver’s memories and a book on French hip-hop by photographer Maï Lucas are also on the program.

“Teens on Acid”, by Flea

While the Red Hot Chili Peppers have announced that they will be back in service in 2022, with a world tour scheduled to pass through the Stade de France on July 8 and 9, the autobiography of their eccentric bassist, Michael Peter Balzary, alias Flea, released in the United States in 2019, has just been published in French.

Those hoping for a collection of wild anecdotes about the history of rock fusion pioneers will no doubt be disappointed, because Teens on acid ends when the Red Hot adventure begins. This collection of memories, written with the usual energy of the Californian “chip”, but also an emotional depth that one did not suspect, nevertheless grabs the attention by plunging into the fate of this turbulent kid, of his Australian childhood, in his American exile, in New York bohemia, then in the often dark face of the city of angels.

The story of the 400 blows of this young pariah in search of affection touches, while also giving the keys to his singular instrumental and scenic play, at the crossroads of jazz, punk, funk, hard-rock and hip-hop .

Prefaced by her friend Patti Smith, who dedicated a poem to her on this occasion, the book insists particularly on the unwavering friendship binding, since their high school years, Flea to Anthony Kiedis, the future singer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. “The way I bonded had always been intense, he writes, but with Anthony we went to the next level the spirit of adventure, the street scams, the high, the art, the philosophy, the burning desire to make something happen. “ Stephane Invitation

“Teenagers on acid”, by Flea, Harper Collins, 382 p., € 20.

“Acid Flashback”, by Philippe Maneuver

An inexhaustible storyteller of rock mythology, Philippe Maneuver has himself become a part of this story, as were rock critics like Lester Bangs and Nick Kent before him. With its own jovial enthusiasm and a keen sense of the formula, the old pillar of Children of rock and editor-in-chief of Rock & Folk never ceases to bring back memories of a life with one foot on the ground. And we want more.

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