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Red Sox sign pitcher Michael Wacha for one season

The Red Sox de Boston signed a contract with the pitcher Michael Wacha for a season, who will be in your rotation in the MLB 2022.

According to Jeff Passan, Michael Wacha and the Boston Red Sox are finalizing a one-year contract and 3 million sources familiar with the deal told ESPN.

The 30-year-old Wacha was solid in a starting role for Tampa Bay last season and is expected to add depth to the Red Sox rotation. The deal is pending a physical exam.

Wacha numbers in the 2021 season

  • 3-5 record, 5.05 ERA, 29 games and 23 as a starter, 124.2 innings, 23 home runs, 31 walks and 121 strikeouts. In 2015, he went to his first and only all-star game in his 9 years in MLB.

30-year-old Michael Wacha has played for the St. Louis Cardinals where he began his career in the majors, then joined the New York Mets in 2020 and the Tampa Rays in 2021. Wacha already knows the division East of the American League.

Once again the Red Sox show that until they get rid of paying 50% of David Price’s salary in 2022, they are not going to give everything for a starting pitcher while they have to think about how to extend Rafael Devers.

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