REDES fixes position before the political situation of the country and the upcoming elections of 21-N

May 28, 2021.-

The REDES movement, based on the new electoral scenario, on the eve of the regional elections on November 21, proposes a document for political debate before public opinion.

On the basis of this reality, the political leader and founder of REDES, Juan Barreto, affirmed that: “The true unity is that of the people and their struggles, electoral alliances can contribute to the democratic ends of the country.”

Likewise, in the content of the press release, it can be stated that the REDES movement sets a position in the face of the country’s political situation and the upcoming elections on November 21.

Aspects and Considerations for a People’s Unity Program

We present here the complete proposal of the REDES political movement regarding the regional elections on November 21.

True unity is the unity of the people forged in their struggles that have solid relationships of mutual support, shared experiences and solidarity.

This process of unitary construction of the town is aided and strengthened by different conjunctural alliances of different character that can build bridges of encounter and at the same time participate in a platform of electoral tactical alliance, based on basic agreements, which can be an important step in the direction of gradually weaving the networks and articulations that facilitate scenarios for the construction of a common program of identity and unity of the people for the achievement of a participatory democracy of social advance with justice, inclusion and national independence.

In this sense, and for the consideration and debate of the different forces that today express their political will to build a common platform for meetings and agreements, we propose some ideas for a fruitful debate that will lead to the re-politicization of Venezuelan society, at the same time that allows us to refine criteria when defining profiles, candidatures and commitments, collected in 11 basic points that do not rule out the incorporation of new elements:

  1. This unitary platform and its candidates must commit to fight for the defense of life, today in danger from a pandemic that takes the lives of thousands, leaving a painful sequel of disease and misery. We must demand a transparent vaccination schedule without levers or privileges that covers and protects the entire population, this must be a priority over any agreement or electoral claim. In this sense: Commit ourselves to immediately and decisively face the protection of the life and health of our people by all means in the present context of the pandemic, as a fundamental social right, an obligation of the State, which has to guarantee it as part of the right to life.

  1. In our country there is neither quality of life nor collective well-being nor access to services. In terms of the right to social citizenship, workers today do not have a sufficient salary that allows them to live with dignity and cover for themselves and their family the basic material, social and intellectual needs. The minimum wage in our country is the lowest in the world and is not enough to cover the most basic food needs of working people. Our efforts must be oriented towards overcoming this infamy. Putting people at the center of a proposal for change implies urgently and immediately facing an economic emergency program in the country in accordance with articles 299 and 91 of the CRBV. The People’s Economic Program means reviewing the role of the National Assembly and the Comptroller’s Office in relation to ongoing proposals such as the SEZs, foreign investments, the oil sector and the Anti-Blockade Law. Full compliance with the CRBV is required. It is necessary to defend for reasons of economic, political and national strategy sovereignty, the role of the State in the management of the oil industry in accordance with the Constitution and the Law. Extraordinary economic measures, deregulations, opacities and liberalization of the economy should not mean more deterioration of the salary, the currency and the quality of life of the Venezuelans. Occupying any space of power must be a publicly assumed commitment in the sense of promoting and accompanying the people from those spaces in their fight for the right to a decent life, a fair salary, the recovery of our national currency, the bolivar and the brake. to inflation and speculation. We propose to study a Law of Salary Indexation and Monetary Reconversion to equate the bolivar to the dollar and recover the value of the salary. The integral development of the nation necessarily passes through human development and through a clear conception that does not put at risk either the commons or the environmental assets, since we are committed to an ecological, social and economically sustainable development, in which the use of resources from present generations do not compromise the heritage of future generations.

  1. Uncompromising commitment to fight for the restitution and full validity of the CRBV-1999. This is: Indeclinable and intransigent defense of Sovereignty, National Independence, National Self-determination, Territorial Legal Immunity that must be defended against any attempt of interference, foreign intervention or political legal manipulation to deliver the sovereign jurisdiction of our legal environment and territorial, or any interference that seeks to make or deliver these principles.

  1. None of this makes sense if in the same movement we do not defend and guarantee human rights, a dignified life, the construction of a just society and political pluralism, civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights, the rights of indigenous peoples, LGBTIQ communities, environmental rights, freedom of expression and association, different forms of property and their guarantees (we also demand the immediate purification of the police forces, freedom for detained workers and all political prisoners, purification and independence of the Judiciary).

  1. Only from a strong declaration of principles and indeclinable values ​​can we promote reunion, reconciliation and peaceful democratic coexistence as a method for the civilized solution of controversies, conflicts and social contradictions, within the framework of the CRBV and the laws, based on Articles 2 and 132 of the Constitution.

  1. Ratify (Art. 5) that Sovereignty resides in the Constituent Power of the People and that all possible forms of direct, protagonist, participatory and responsible exercise of democratic and social citizenship in all spheres of life and education must be encouraged. functioning of the organs of the Public Power. This implies the inalienable commitment to create mechanisms of social control and anti-corruption for the transparent, efficient and honest exercise of the public function and the “command obeying the people.” For this, the participatory budget with direct control of the citizenry through the different forms of social and institutional control. All the organs of the State emanate from popular sovereignty and are subject to it. This implies putting at the direct service of the people the monitoring and control of public affairs (Art. 5, 62, 70, 71 of the Constitution) and of common goods.

  1. Likewise, these principles extend to the scope of the inalienable individual and collective freedom that must be guaranteed from any body of Public Power so that there is authentic democratic citizenship, as well as the universality, indivisibility, interdependence and progressiveness of human rights.

  1. The acute crisis of public services deepens THE CALAMITIES OF THE PEOPLE, making daily life an ordeal, the most felt deficiencies are drinking water, electricity, fuel, domestic gas, urban cleaning and public transport. We propose: the reprofessionalization of service management and its departisation. A national agreement is required to declare the emergency of public services in our country.

  1. We are in favor of dialogue but its character must be social. Not that of domes and elites who replace the people pretending to represent it. Dialogue must be with workers, peasants, businessmen, women, residents, indigenous people, students. So that they present their demands and arguments. The role of political organizations must be to accompany and stimulate real social actors to establish a culture of dialogue and negotiation. Direct and indirect democracy must be complementary to a daily exercise that is promoted from each public institution, strengthening the deeply democratic political culture without which institutionalism can be degraded and open windows of opportunity for deficiencies and authoritarian transitions.

  1. We ratify the democratic, peaceful and electoral path and we will continue fighting to guarantee transparent conditions and without political advantage for free, fair, universal, direct and secret elections, with proportional representation. Pluralism and the participation of real leaders of the people should be our compass, bringing the political-institutional fact closer to the participation and deliberation of a citizenry committed to a democracy whose results respond to the aspirations, demands and demands of the national majorities for the achievement of prosperity and collective well-being with social justice. We share the need to give credibility and transparency to the electoral system and its bodies, today questioned and in doubt for a good part of the citizenship, it is necessary to accompany and monitor without intention or blackmail, on the part of social, political and cultural organizations, from different parts of the world, who can act, in favor of the much desired transparency of the elections and their results, we also believe in the need for international oversight, to shore up the confidence sought. It is about institutional strengthening, the electoral body, and the legitimacy granted by public trust.

  1. Dialogue, unity, national agreement are words, concepts that must be filled with content and people and not remain in good intentions or discursive rhetoric of political elites. Only determined action of organization and struggle can lead us to success. In this way, it will be possible to find ourselves in a National Project for the Comprehensive Development of the Nation, whose pillars are national independence, an advanced democracy, justice and social inclusion, the fight for the common good and the indeclinable defense of human rights. . The electoral is an important terrain, a stage, a form of struggle for the fruitful encounter and the construction of a destiny of peace, prosperity and happiness for all of Venezuela, together we will achieve it.

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