Reduce the epidemic of smallpox Doctors recommend refraining from having sex with foreigners. or unknown person within 21 days

the doctor recommends the method Reduce the epidemic of smallpox by refraining from having sex with foreigners especially the men who love men or unknown persons within 21 days due to the spread of infection

Prof. Emeritus Dr. Amorn Leelarasamee, Member of the Medical Council of Thailand, said about the situation of smallpox in Thailand that still not worried but worrying I do not want smallpox to become an endemic disease in Thailand. Therefore, it must be controlled not to have more infected patients. which smallpox It can be transmitted from person to person and from animal to person. Especially in rodents such as monkeys, rabbits, rats, which, if uncontrolled, may become endemic by default.

As of August 7, 2022, 28,000 confirmed cases worldwide have been confirmed, increasing to 83 countries, with most of the epidemic areas found in Europe.

As for surveillance, it is now recommended to refrain from having sex with foreigners. in the group of men who love men or unknown persons within 21 days due to the spread of infection especially European tourists Due to this group of tourists found the number of chickenpox infections nearly twenty thousand people per day. and emphasize that smallpox is not sexually transmitted But if there is secretions or pus from the blisters, they can easily become infected.

In addition, chickenpox will not cause death of the patient. But if the patient already has a congenital disease such as cancer or a patient with a weakened immune system. This infection may be the cause of death.

for self defense Ask people to wash their hands thoroughly. Wash the yoke hall spray. Including asking hoteliers who have foreigners to stay should clean their accommodation according to international standards to reduce the spread of disease.


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