Refunded copies can still be used by their original buyers

Definitely, Cyberpunk 2077 will have had a very mixed start. Indeed, on one side the title of CD Projekt Red had an absolutely stunning start with the impressive figure of 13 million copies sold as of December 22, 2020. In a report recently published by Superdata, It seems like 10.2 million of them are digital. However, these figures should be put into perspective given that the number of copies reimbursed following the various scandals generated in particular by the old-gen versions of the game (PS4 and Xbox One) was not taken into account. So on the other hand, the Polish studio encountered a veritable torrent of criticism and complaints following these incidents. Faced with this, he decided to reimburse all players who requested it by December 21, 2020. For other distributors, while the game was simply withdrawn from the PS Store, Microsoft for its part left the game accessible. (adding a warning message about problems with the Xbox One version) while reimbursing those who request it. Same case with third party sellers like Gamestop and its French sector Micromania.

cyberpunk-wallpaperRegarding refunds made directly by CD Projekt Red, the site Vice reports rather curious facts. Indeed, as of today, no player who received reimbursement for his fast would have been asked to return his copy to the publisher for the physical versions. In the case of those who have opted for digital version, access to the game is always possible for them from the library of their console. Having contacted several people concerned, the site indicates that they, in order to be reimbursed, only had to fill out a fairly basic reimbursement form accompanied by proof of purchase such as receipt, confirmation email. order or bank statement. After that, the refund was made within a week or so, in most cases via PayPal. Even if in fact, they were told that they should return their copy to the publisher, the refund was made without this precondition, which is rather curious. However, it is important to specify that this is an observation at the present time! maybe CD Projekt Red is not yet done with the current procedures, having mainly focused on reimbursing dissatisfied people before dealing with returns of defective versions.

Cyberpunk-2077Cyberpunk-2077Finally, on the side of the Polish studio, even if all these stories obviously work for its reputation, especially given the very high expectation around the game, Superdata nevertheless specifies in its report that 80% of the 10.2 million digital sales made in December 2020 are PC versions. Since this one, like the ones on PS5 and Xbox Series, is relatively untouched by the various bugs and issues encountered, from a financial standpoint, the impact doesn’t seem to have been as strong as you might think. for CD Projekt Red, perhaps explaining the haste of the studio reimbursed the disgruntled players in order no doubt to dampen the rumble.

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