– Refuses to take the test

Wednesday was the official opening of the corona test station at the University of Oslo. The goal is to test 2,000 students and staff a week.

There were long queues to test at 3pm on Wednesday. This test is so simple that students can take it all by themselves – and it is much more comfortable, according to Christina Eide (24).

She is among the many students who showed up to take a test on Wednesday. Students Dagbladet spoke to say that they stood in line for over an hour to test themselves on Wednesday.

The new test is such that the stick only goes up into the nasal wall. The test answer is ready in 20 minutes. If you get a positive answer, you must take an “old-fashioned test”.

– There are some who have refused to take the test because it is uncomfortable and it has been complicated. Now it’s easier. Here you take the test yourself. We do this to get more people tested and pick up infection, says assistant health director Espen Rostrup Nakstad to Dagbladet.

Millions of tests

He emphasizes that frequent testing of, for example, students is important, especially in areas with high infection pressure.

Initially, these tests will be aimed at students, and then school students. But Nakstad does not rule out that other players who wish can use similar tests.

– We have several million such tests, he says.

On Wednesday, FHI announced that the R-number in Norway is 1.3 – while in Oslo it is even higher, at 1.4.

– What is worrying is that the measures have been enough for almost a year. Now it does not hold, with the mutated variants. We must be faster in testing and tracing infections to keep the R-number lowest, says Nakstad.

Health councilor Robert Steen tells Dagbladet that he thinks the new test station is an exciting initiative.

– If we manage to keep Blindern open by testing students regularly, there will be new experience and new knowledge we can use and transfer to other sectors as well.

Test record

On Tuesday, there was another new test record in Oslo with 5231 tested.

– We detect more infection now than we did this spring and this autumn. The 213 new cases of infection yesterday are not comparable with the figures from October. We are not in a third wave with today’s figures, but we can get there if we do not follow the infection control rules, Steen says.

He thinks that in Oslo it is a bit like the old saying: “Many small streams make a big river”.

– The small things make the spread of infection. It is not an infection in one place, but many places with a little infection. There will be a lot in a city like Oslo.

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