Regarding Intervention, Russia Vows to Retaliate against US Sanctions and …


MOSCOW United States of America (US) and European Union (EU) imposed sanctions on some government officials and bodies Russia for the imprisonment and alleged poisoning of opposition figures Alexei Navalny .

In response to this, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the new sanctions against Russia that were recently imposed by the US and EU were a form of interference in Russia’s internal affairs. He added that the accusations leveled against Moscow were absurd.

“This is none other than interference in the internal affairs of Russia. In general, we can only express our regret, because our opponents used methods that harm our bilateral relations,” Peskov said as quoted by Antara. Sputnik, Wednesday (3/3/2021).

When asked why the West is imposing targeted sanctions instead of restrictions on big business or sovereign debt, the Kremlin spokesman said it was not his job to explain his motives.

“We believe that all these decisions, whether targeted or otherwise, are absurd and completely baseless. Most importantly, they are irrational and absurd,” said Peskov.

He denounced the new restrictions, imposed by the US and EU, as completely unacceptable and expressed confidence that the move would significantly damage a relationship that was already in a dire state.

According to Peskov, Russia will not abandon the principle of reciprocity when it responds to new restrictions introduced by the West on the Navalny case.


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