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Reggaeton in Basque, at a good pace | The Basque Newspaper

The number of artists who work in this style has risen recently: “The Basque Country is eager for ‘perreo'”

The style of reggaeton music does not go unnoticed by anyone. You may like it or not, but what is clear is that we are facing a global phenomenon and that everything done in Basque has also found its place in our society. Like reggaeton, street songs in Basque are gradually being heard more and more on our radio, bars and nightclubs. Trap, runba, electronica, hip-hop, rap… All these melodies with a dance rhythm have spread throughout the territory and have now gained a large presence on music platforms. Artists and groups such as Kai Nakai, Dupla, Nicotina or Bengo are clear references to this. In fact, the list of artists working in this music in the Basque Country is endless.

It is really impossible to choose a single reference, but when we talk about reggaeton sung in Basque, the name of a woman comes to mind: Iratxe Aguilera. That name may say little, but what if you read Kai Nakai? Well, the young man from Vitoria-Gasteiz is in vogue today. All the songs he releases go viral on social media and are constantly heard on youth radio programs. He admits that his life took a 180-degree turn in 2019 when he won the creative scholarship that the Durango Fair offers every year. “Music is my job now. It’s been my dream since I was a child to be a singer, and now I feel like I’m fulfilling that dream, ”she says, full of emotion.

Kai Nakai won this Creative Grant from Durango City Council and the Gerediaga Association for singing reggaeton in Basque and for promoting feminism. A year later, ‘Kolpe’ surprised us all with its first music video; The song was part of an album called ‘Unauthorized’. But has it been easy to compose reggaeton in Basque? Vitoria-Gasteiz says: “I have a lot of support for the lyrics of my songs, but it’s true that Basque still lacks that ‘flow’ point that Spanish has.”

Basque rock bands may have been heard more often before, but there have always been bands that have performed street music in Basque

According to Kai Nakai, Basque society needs to be “more open” in this direction. “As with Spanish songs, we can adapt the language to achieve this ‘flow’, or else we can use English words, not everything has to be so correct,” says the singer.

Kai Nakai

Basque ‘flow’

But what is this ‘flow’ that we have been hearing so many times over the last decade? Well, hip-hop singers created the twentieth century. with a specific purpose in the twentieth century: to convey that their songs worked, that the rhythms went beyond the notes, and, above all, that there was something more in the songs than the sounds of the voice and the instrument. That is, the song’s lyrics, style, gestures, and the singer’s gait were also more than expected in rhythm. That’s when the term ‘flow’ came about: ‘wow!’ that.

The Dupla team is well aware of this, as Gari Uriarte and Beñat Oribe are not lacking in flow. They sing in Basque, and they haven’t stopped since they started giving concerts in 2019. They fill the capacity of all the live venues, and even though it is impossible to practice the same ‘perreo’ that was made before as a result of the pandemic, their songs encourage them to do so. “In the live shows we have given, the audience has been sitting and wearing masks, but it is clear that they have enjoyed it. The Basque Country is eager for ‘perreo’ “, explained the singer from Salvatierra.

Gender normalization

When asked about the Basque music scene, Uriarte made it clear that there were no taboos: It’s true that it’s a genre that’s in vogue now and more and more of the bands we’re coming out with. And very good ones too. ‘

Kai Nakai from Vitoria-Gasteiz agrees: “It may have been taboo for people of another generation to admit that they listen to reggaeton, but I don’t think that’s the case among young people. I think we’re normalizing listening to that style of music; even those who like rock can hear it. ”

The dance tunes of the duo do not go unnoticed. Since the release of the first song ‘Dantza gaua’ on the album ‘Folklore’, the people of Alava have been included in every list of the most heard ‘perreo’ songs sung in Basque.

The work ‘Nahieran’, released by the Dupla duo, is ready to satisfy this hunger for partying and dancing. According to the group’s singer, the title was given to him “because there are so many types of songs that can be found inside.” Yes, they all invite you to a party and dance. ” An example of this is the song ‘Eromeria’, which we constantly hear on the radio, which they co-created with Tapia and Leturia.

Kai Nakai also brings new work for the Fair days. It all has reggaeton-style songs, and the lyrics are written by bertsolari Eli Zaldua. It’s called ‘Maitia’ and it’s produced in Colombia. One of the topics covered in the songs is love affairs, as well as love affairs, but they are all “dance-making”.


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