Regime kidnaps former ambassador Edgar Parrales

The former representative of Nicaragua before the Organization of American States (OAS) of the Sandinista government in the 1980s, former priest Edgar Parrales, a courageous political analyst usually consulted by the media, was captured on Monday by civilians, his family reported.

Parrales is 79 years old, he is one of the most knowledgeable sources on religious and diplomatic issues and he used to offer his opinions without hiding his identity, as other experts do to protect his safety in the midst of the repressive escalation established by the Daniel Ortega regime. since last May.

His wife Carmen Dolores Córdova said that the analyst was detained when he left his home in Los Robles to do a business at the Bank of Central America (BAC). “It was like at two in the afternoon, he yelled they are taking me against my will,” he said.

Briefly, she explained that the detention is “a bomb” for the health of her husband, who must be careful with his diet, because ten years ago he underwent surgery on the large intestine. Córdova assured that if he stops eating, he will decompensate.

I was under surveillance

The wife of the former ambassador also confirmed that for months the house of both has been under surveillance of Ortega.

Last Friday, Parrales gave an interview to CONFIDENTIAL where he analyzed the latest government decision to remove the dean of the diplomatic corps from Apostolic Nuncio Waldemar Stalisnaw Sommertag, which the ecclesiastical expert considered an affront to the Catholic Church, “an act of revenge.”

“As the Episcopal Conference has an attitude, not of confrontation with the Government, but of defense of ethical, moral and civic values ​​that are in line with religion and practically the international community has been surrounding them (the Government), then they They are upset, ”Parrales said in that interview referring to the Executive.

The decision to remove the dean of the representative of Pope Francis in Nicaragua, Ortega made it possible through the reform of the State protocol, which he ordered through Decree 21-2021.

Parrales also referred in other media to the consequences that Nicaragua’s exit from the OAS could bring to the country, as recently stated by Foreign Minister Denis Moncada. The process lasts two years and rather paves the way for the country’s suspension from the body, according to experts consulted by CONFIDENTIAL.

The analyst joins the 41 detainees since last May, prior to the irregular voting in November, thanks to which Ortega booked a fourth consecutive term, eliminating political competition by arresting seven presidential candidates.

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