Regional tensions simmer, Beijing set up a massive military base!

ILLUSTRATION. The South China Sea could become a place of further contention. (US Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Jason Tarleton)

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KONTAN.CO.ID – BEIJING. The South China Sea could become a place of further contention. This is because China has now relaunched efforts to increase its military capabilities. reported that the South China Sea has been at the center of international strife between China and several other countries in the Western Pacific region for decades.

Beijing has adopted an increasingly confrontational stance to defend its claims to sovereignty, fueling repeated fears of international clashes. This is because the US plays an important role as an ally in the region.

China last week raised fears of an outbreak of conflict after satellite imagery showed Mischief Reef weapons now equipped with additional military capabilities.

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Asked about Beijing’s recent activities, international political expert Dr Jay Batongbacal told the ANC that China was essentially adding survey lens equipment, such as radar, to which coral reefs were planted from the start.

“The addition of the new radar appears to indicate that they are actually expanding the capabilities of this artificial island,” he said

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He added, “And then that fact continues despite all that has happened around the world, it really shows China’s intention to actually develop these artificial islands into massive military bases.”



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