Regionals in Ile-de-France: when Marlène Schiappa writes a letter to the Parisians

It may be the fight of a lifetime. For years, whether in her past professional functions, via her blog “Maman works” or since 2017 within the government, Marlène Schiappa has campaigned and worked to make women’s lives less burdensome, less stressful and to put them at ease. on an equal footing with men.

If the Minister for Citizenship does not have her tongue in her pocket and sometimes appears as a free electron within the presidential majority, she intends to win this electoral meeting on June 20 and 27 in the capital against Audrey Pulvar (SE) or Julien Bayou (EELV) in particular.

A test for this Parisian after her municipal setback last year and one year from a presidential election, to say the least, undecided for her favorite, Emmanuel Macron. So the head of the LREM list in Paris is scrambling, like the other ministers engaged in the battle for the regions, to seduce the electorate. Especially since their leader, Laurent Saint-Martin, suffers from low notoriety among the general public. She therefore decided to address women. She reveals her proposals to us.

What does this letter to Parisiennes that you send this Monday contain?

Marlène Schiappa. It is important for me to speak directly to Parisiennes, being one of them. They will find our 15 commitments there. We are talking about the desire for success for women, about women’s rights, about what the region can do in Paris. Paris that the region has abandoned.

You mention the three “galleys” of Parisiennes. It seems to be real life. One of the concerns is street harassment and more generally safety …

It was not until 2017 and our arrival in the government that street harassment was verbalized by the police. But the government cannot do it all on its own. It is also up to the region to ensure the safety of women. We must be able to take transport without anxiety. My 14 year old daughter explains to me with her friends their strategies to escape street harassment. This mental burden on children and parents is unacceptable. We will therefore develop the regional police. We will generalize on-demand bus stops at night and do prevention in high schools through associations. With the Navigo pass, we will develop an anti-harassment application.

Everything is not easy for Parisian mothers …

This is what I call the “pushchair galley”. That’s why I created and chaired the Maman Work network for ten years. In Paris, we struggle to find a place in a nursery, a nursery assistant, a place at the conservatory. And once the children have grown up, finding an activity, validating their skills or training is complicated, especially for women over 50. We will therefore support them through dedicated retraining programs. We will also create innovative third places that bring together coworking and nursery space on the CoworkCrèche model. The accessibility of metro stations is also a problem. Valérie Pécresse (Editor’s note: the president who represents herself) has chosen to develop more lines: we will improve accessibility for all.

Tell us about the economy component …

Through a gender-sensitive budget, we will see that women are discriminated against. We are therefore going to support 1,000 female business start-ups through an incubator each year. We will also train managers on parity. Spreading a culture of professional equality in companies is the role of the region.

What if Parisiennes want to answer you?

We are setting up a telephone line, “Hello Marlène”. Because our proposals also concern menstrual insecurity, domestic violence …

Why put a Marlène Schiappa newsletter on June 20 and 27?

If she is elected, Valérie Pécresse will embark on the race for the primary on the right. We, with Laurent Saint-Martin, are the list of clarity.

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