Reham Saeed for Hassan Shakoush, “I will not leave you and take my right” .. What is the story?

The Egyptian media, Reham Saeed, came out to respond to festivals singer Hassan Shakoush, because of the dispute between them following a disagreement over a party that the singer was scheduled to perform at her children’s graduation ceremony.

Reham said, through a live broadcast to her through her account on (Facebook): “This live is a little late, and it is not useful to do it, because it is a mistake that I respond to, because I am much older, oh, oh, but people are personalities, there are people who are not, and there are people who take them in Her dignity and rest only when she responds, and today I am my duty as Umm Bard, “according to (Al-Jamila).

And she continued, “This life is for Hassan Shakoush, and I am not wrong with anyone, and I know that I take my right very well by law, and may God give me my right, and I am 60 men and I am afraid, Shakoush was a student of 30 thousand, and I told him it is forbidden in 5 minutes, and we reached 11 and 11 thousand and a half, and when J Mardish comes down from Arabia and his business manager said he will not walk on his feet.

And about her response to his talk about her, she said: “I know that there is one I gave him, and advice from me, Shakoush, do not allow anyone to entice you to someone because the world is rotating and it is possible to damage and work with you like this, and the one who does not have the interest of today will have an interest in you in two dimensions, and I see that you are overcome Your use is wrong.

She added, “I don’t want to talk about the symptoms of people who have a defect in my origins, I look at my lies, or say I don’t like it, I don’t want to say I saw things that I can’t answer her biography or talk about, and these are the needs that I saw, these are more than the things that you see in the places where she sings.”

And she concluded: “I made a mistake in my family, my honor, and my children who say I saw things that I do not know what you do not dream of greeting my children because they are very respectable people, and the shame of fame changes you.”


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