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in a program that promises to get sparks. In advance of the Trome sequence, the footballer talked about his past relationship with the same one that launched her to fame and earned her a place in the Chollywood show business with her famous phrase ‘Touch me I am reality’.

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“The story was actually made by the girl, because she was the one who came out to say blablabla… by the way, I’ve never heard a thank you… No one knew her, it was her ability, but… a ‘ No, thanks? It’s been quite a while.” the baseball player said in an interview with Cuto Guadalupe.

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Shirley Arica He confessed a few months ago in the Willax program “Let’s talk about beauty” and recalled how his famous phrase “Touch me that I am reality’, the same one that gave him his nickname ‘reality girl’.

It should be noted that the model achieved fame at the age of 18, when she was supported by Reimond Manco, who at that time was a young soccer promise for his performance with the Peruvian team in the U-17 World Cup. At that time, Shirley Arica gave an interview to Magaly Medina and revealed that the famous phrase was said by the player.

“I think that was a phrase that catapulted me to fame, thanks to my friend Reimond Manco, things as they are, but the ability is obviously mine and that is something that characterizes me. It is a phrase that touches me a lot, because thanks to that phrase my life has changed in many aspects, I am fond of her, I will always be the real girl, renewed, mature with a son ”, said.


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